Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods
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Kylie Jenner might be open to reconciling with Jordyn Woods, new reports state. Since this whole cheating scandal happened, sources have said that Jenner misses her friend, but she's loyal to her sister Khloé and doesn't know how Woods "fits into her life" just yet. 

Their friendship, allegedly, all depends on Khloé Kardashian. If Kardashian were willing to forgive Woods, the dynamic duo would be more likely to make up. That might not be too likely, though: Kardashian has lashed out at Woods more than a few times.

Kylie Jenner MIGHT be able to forgive Jordyn Woods, but it all depends. 

There's so much going on right now in the Kardashian/Jenner family, and Jenner seems to be caught in the middle. She's reportedly very hurt about the cheating scandal, and Woods says the two haven't talked much since it happened. In fact, Woods reportedly left some of her things at Jenner's guest house

But there is reportedly only one thing standing in the way of a Jenner-Woods reconciliation, and that's Khloé Kardashian. 

Jenner is standing in solidarity with her sister, but still misses her best friend. 

Jenner "wants to respect her sister," according to a source that spoke to Entertainment Tonight. The source says that Jenner loves Kardashian more than Woods, and the status of Woods' friendship with Jenner depends on how Kardashian feels about Woods at the end of the day. Jenner is still trying to "figure out" where Woods "fits into her life," but that might not even happen for a while. 

A source close to the family said that Kardashian has accepted the situation for what it is.

That same source said that Kardashian is beginning to move on from the cheating scandal. Because Kardashian loved Woods so much in such a familial way, the situation is difficult to move past. Woods was very close to the whole family and had been for years, so it makes sense that everyone in the family is so upset with her alleged actions. In her Red Table Talk interview, Woods said that she had spoken to Kardashian over the phone and apologized that way, but she has yet to see her in person to say sorry to her face. 

But Kardashian might not be so quick to forgive.

Right after Woods' Red Table Talk, Kardashian jumped on Twitter and said Woods was lying. She wrote that Woods was trying to "save" herself by speaking publicly instead of reaching out privately. She even said that Woods was the sole reason her family was torn apart.

It looks like she had some time to cool down, though, because she took back what she said in another tweet not long thereafter. She wrote that she blames Tristan Thompson, but that it's "harder and more painful" because she was "hurt by someone so close to me."

She even low-key called Woods a snake.

This Kardashian loves to leave little hints about how she's feeling on her Instagram Story. She posted a quote featuring a massive snake emoji on her story. The post said, "No matter how much a snake sheds skin. It's still a snake." 

Granted, this is something that was posted right after all the news broke that the cheating happened. She may have cooled off since and could be looking at the whole situation in a different way.

Fans think the evidence suggests, however, that the entire scandal is fake altogether.

People on the internet have thought this whole cheating scandal is fake since day one, and they think Woods let something in particular slip during her tell-all interview. When speaking to Jada Pinkett Smith, she referred to Thompson as Kardashian's ex, although her interview took place before they publicly broke up. Some people took notice of her word choice when she explained the situation and figured this whole thing was made up. 

At the end of the day, Woods acknowledges that she shouldn't have been at Thompson's house in the first place that fateful night.

In her Red Table Talk interview, Woods said that there was no malicious intent when she decided to go to Thompson's house. But she does recognize how their questionable behavior looks to other people. Looking back on the situation, she said that she should have never been there in the first place. 

She also said she accepts responsibility for what happened and is willing to prove her side of the story. 

She admitted that he kissed her on the lips and that she initially lied about it to Kardashian. She allegedly regrets lying about it at first and said that only made things worse — but the kiss was all that happened, she maintained. She even said she's willing to take a lie detector test for Kardashian's peace of mind. Kardashian hasn't taken Woods up on her offer for all we know, but she's willing to give the family the time they need to heal in order to try to fix their relationships. 

Kylie Jenner has yet to publicly speak about her reported breakup with Woods.

All we know right now is what sources are telling various tabloids. Jenner has yet to say anything to the public about this whole scandal. She's been active on social media, but Woods has been nowhere in sight.