Kylie Jenner first entered the cosmetics world when she dropped her lip kits at just 17 years old. In the four years since, she's gone on to create an entire beauty empire with a makeup brand and a skin-care line

The young entrepreneur has filed for various licenses that would allow her brand to create a line of baby care items and alcoholic beverages — she just added a nail and fragrance collection to that list. The 21-year-old has already released three fragrances through a collaboration with her sister Kim Kardashian's beauty brand KKW. 

Jenner and her famous sisters all value a good glam moment, and long acrylic nails are often a staple of that look, so it only makes sense that her next venture be in that field. 

Kylie Jenner is obviously a beauty queen, and acrylic nails are integral to her done-up look. 

The Kylie Cosmetics founder and CEO filed licenses under her moniker for a full line of nail care products, according to a report from The Blast. Everywhere from beach trips to car rides, Jenner always sports extravagant long nails. Some fans, even her sis Kendall, have questioned how she can get any work done with the cumbersome claws, but clearly she's not having any trouble. 

Jenner and her friends often sport matching nails, like they did at her Kylie Skin girls trip to Turks & Caicos. 

Of course a trip to the beach is an excuse for plenty of glam selfie moments, so a new set of acrylics was inevitable. Jenner and her bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou wore matching ombre-tipped nails; plus in the past, Jenner has worn the same styles as other friends, too. Once she and her fellow mom-friend Heather Sanders wore baby blue and baby pink tones, which sparked baby rumors. 

The media mogul even has an entire highlight reel of her nail art on Instagram. 

One scan through Jenner's Instagram feed makes it obvious that she loves to change up her nail styles frequently. One of her highlight reels includes Instagram Stories dedicated entirely to her changing acrylics from ombre colors to matte to shimmery to tie-dye. Other highlight reels on her account include one from Stormi's first birthday party and her envy-inducing Turks & Caicos girls' trip. 

Her sister Khloé Kardashian is also a nail fiend, and they both visit nail tech Chaun P. 

Another Kardashian-Jenner sister who values long and colorful nails is Jenner's big sister Khloé. The two frequent the same Hollywood nail technician, Chaun P. Jenner has switched up her look enough times that she has surely learned a thing or two about the best practices for fake nails and what products she should include in her new collection.  

According to the legal filings, the collection will consist of a variety of nail products for real and fake claws. 

The license states that she could release a slew of nail-care products such as nail polish, remover, nail strengtheners, and nail care preparations for acrylic application. Along with nail colors for natural fingers, she's also including press-on nails and adhesives. The styles will surely depend on the time of year she debuts the line, because often her makeup collections are themed around a holiday, season, or special occasion. 

Her sister Kim is also a beast in the makeup game and has her own fragrance, so maybe she's given some tips. 

In one episode of KUWTK, the two were seen sniffing potential perfumes for their collaborative launch, and that certainly could have inspired her youngest sister to follow suit. Now Kylie has also filed for licenses to release a fragrance line of her own. The Kylie x KKW fragrances came in lip-shaped bottles, naturally, and came in three different scents and colored containers. 

Her most recent launch was a skin-care line, which just launched three new products. 

Most recently, Jenner dropped a skin-care line for the summer that included a sunscreen oil, body scrub, and coconut lotion. A bundle is available for $82, and individual products range from $26–$32. The skin-care line itself has received mostly abysmal reviews, but has still done remarkably well sales-wise. The beauty mogul has a hold on the industry, so pretty much everything she drops turns to gold — a nail and fragrance collection would surely be no different.