We've all had to make sacrifices during quarantine, but some of us have made more sacrifices than others. Kylie Jenner has given up a lot, like her hair extensions and acrylic nails, bless her soul — but she's hinted that her new au naturel nails might be here to stay. You've got to ~hand~ it to Jenner for being practical during these strange, uncertain times.

Nailed it!

Jenner is known for completely extra manicures. She favors a long, coffin-shaped tip in various pastel shades with delicate designs. But the beauty mogul posted a photo of her nails on her Instagram Stories, writing that her "natural nails might stay."

Isn't she wearing a handsome nail color?

In a sort of reverse-AMSR video (swipe to the end to watch), Jenner runs her fingers across the mirror, though you'll notice that her tapping doesn't make any noise. It's her way of really proving to the world that she is, in fact, not wearing acrylics.

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Let's pay tribute to some of Jenner's best mani moments.

It remains to be seen if Jenner has really given up falsies, but in the meantime, let's pour one out for some of her most iconic nail looks. The above gradient situation combines bubblegum pink and nude for a fresh, youthful vibe.

RIP to her Murakami mani.

Here, she's spiced up her manicure with nail art inspired by the Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. His signature daisy flowers with smily faces are offset by Jenner's giant diamond rings and flashy sports car.

Self-referential nail art.

And, because Jenner is nothing if not self-referential, this drippy nail look is inspired by the packaging on her Lip Kits. I wonder if she matched that pink color to the shade of the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick she wore that day.