Kylie Jenner doesn't have to do much to flaunt her wealth. She basically takes a pic of her impressive array of luxury vehicles or a harmless snap of her countless designer clothing items, and the world immediately feels poor. The young billionaire seemingly has it all. 

It's not surprising, then, that her office space and L.A. headquarters for Kylie Cosmetics is as extra and lavish as the rest of her extravagant life. The impeccably decorated office features Jenner's favorite shade of millennial pink in accents throughout the massive open-air building. And, of course, the 22-year-old made the space fun with vending machines that disperse mini bottles of champagne. 

Stormi's mom also has plenty of places to accommodate her 1-year-old during the workday, including a playroom, remote-controlled car, and a high chair in the kitchen area. 

Kylie Jenner is expanding her career as a YouTuber, and gave an office tour à la popular YouTuber house tours. 

One popular trend from the rich and famous of YouTube is to flaunt their massive homes, in an MTV Cribs style. The savvy entrepreneur created her own version of the video by showing off her incredible Kylie Cosmetics headquarters. In the video, she takes viewers from front of house all the way to the massive photo studio in the back. 

I would like a champagne machine in my life right now, OK?

Jenner knows how to end the workday right, with a vending machine that serves mini bottles of champagne. One fan loved the addition and replied on Twitter, "There isn’t a break room that doesn’t need this … #ChampagneMachine." Jenner admitted she hadn't tried any of the sips yet, but had seen the machine get plenty of use from friends and visitors. 

Fans love the gorgeous all-pink everything. 

Clearly, Jenner knows her brand well, and took advantage of her favorite color throughout the massive office space. Every corner of the square footage seemed to have a touch of the light shade, but it wasn't overwhelming. Fans were obsessed with the minimal decor and girly look; one person tweeted, "Just watched @KylieJenner's office tour on YouTube and it is soooo gorgeous. Loving the pink accents."

Some questioned all of the impeccably decorated space, because it didn't seem like much production goes on there. 

Of course, there were some criticisms of the office and Jenner's flaunting of the lavish space. While it was undoubtedly a beautiful place to spend time in, there didn't seem to be as many productive working environments as one would expect. 

"I watched that Kylie Jenner office tour & I’m sorry, this girl is just a decorator at best. I get outsourcing your product to be made, but you don’t have one testing lab in that HUGE space? I think as an entrepreneur focusing on your product should be your priority not office decor," one person noted on Twitter.