At approximately 4:30 PM on September 22, the world stopped in its tracks: Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant.

Yup. The 20-year-old is allegedly between three and four months pregnant with a baby girl, according to TMZ, Page Six, and other sources. The father is her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, who she's been dating since April.

Naturally, social media blew up at the shocking announcement (which Jenner has yet to confirm). Here are the best reactions to Jenner's unexpected pregnancy:

It's a monumental day in history.

People quickly forgot all about work.

Some people were primarily thrilled for Travis Scott.

Others were pissed on Rihanna's behalf, of all things.

Rihanna fans pissed about kylie jenner pregnancy
photo: Instagram

Fenty Beauty fans continue to do the most.

Our Kardashian fatigue has suddenly vanished.

"I NEED MORE 'LIFE OF KYLIE,'" is not something I ever thought I would think.

OOOOOK, we all know who the anonymous source is.

*cough* Kris *cough*

Really, we're all just proud of Kris, whose business savvy is truly unparalleled.

Seriously, we respect it, Kris.

"Is that a chicken?"

Everything really comes back to Pennywise in 2017.


Can't wait to see Kylie Cosmetics' line for newborns!

The newest makeup mogul?

Well, that's one way to get a second season of "Life of Kylie."

We are all Kylie Jenner's family right now.

Can't wait for the baby's "KUWTK" debut!

And of course, there are conspiracy theories.

The jokes basically write themselves.