Depending on who you ask, Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was the best (or worst) kept secret of 2018. For months, Jenner was MIA. She was rarely, if ever, spotted out. There was no formal pregnancy announcement, yet somehow everyone knew. Then suddenly, on Super Bowl Sunday, it happened. Kylie Jenner revealed Stormi in a heartfelt Instagram post and YouTube video that's now garnered more than 81 million views. 

And since that day, we've fallen so in love with the adorableness that is Stormi Webster. The seemingly always happy baby is already dripping in designer bags, trying out mommy's eye shadow palettes, and even has her own dressing room on her dad Travis Scott's AstroWorld tour. Oh, and who could ever forget that blowout first birthday bash Stormi World, which only the most rich and famous toddlers of Calabasas got to attend. 

And while it's all Care Bears and rainbows for Stormi, all may not be well in paradise with her parents. Recently, cheating allegations against Scott have been rampant, and some sources are even claiming that Scott and Jenner's relationship may be nearing its end. 

We sure hope that's not true, because fans are now speculating that Jenner may be pregnant with baby number two — and we'd all love for another little Webster to swoon over. If it is true, do you think this will be another secret pregnancy? Fans have a truly wild theory that baby number two is already well underway.