Kylie Jenner is causing controversy once again. This time she was trying to do good but made a hypocritical mistake that nobody will let her live down. 

The young billionaire posted a few Stories about the horrific Australian bushfires in an attempt to stand in solidarity. But shortly after she flexed on her Instagram Story by showing off her new pedicure and real mink fur Louis Vuitton slides. People couldn't handle the hypocrisy of Jenner sending her love to the animals dying in Australian bushfires when she was wearing real fur in the next slide. 

The photos are gone from the rich reality star's account, but they've been captured and dissected on Twitter. 

Jenner posted a truly hypocritical Instagram Story and followers were not here for it. 

One person tweeted, "Eat the rich" and shared Jenner's Instagram Stories. The celebrity shared a photo of the wildfires in Australia and wrote, "Over half a BILLION animals have been killed in Australia." Then, she promptly showed off her Louis Vuitton mink slippers. Yikes.

People are not letting her live this down.

No one understands how Jenner could be so ignorant and share the two photos so soon after one another. One person tweeted, "kylie jenner heartbroken about all the animals dying in the Australian wildfires BUT wears real mink fur slippers? makes sense." 

Now people are roasting the controversial reality star.

I mean, she does slightly deserve the flack for this faux pas. It also just proves how out of touch with reality the absurdly wealthy truly are. Someone tweeted, "kylie jenner be like, 'omg over half a billion animals dead ... but look at my cute fur shoes!'"

With millions of dollars to blow, it's unlikely Jenner will stop spending it on bougie, problematic outfits. 

Jenner loves a good designer 'fit, and that often involves real animal products. Very few of the top designers are animal- or eco-friendly. Hopefully, she donated to the cause. 

One person wasn't here for those calling out Jenner.

One user tweeted, "everyone hating on kylie jenner for posting about the fires and then posting a pic of her fur shoes saying shes disconnected - you guys literally post about the fires while you’re eating a full steak dinner so shut up and stop being hypocrites." 

The real issue here is that Jenner has incredible influence, and after posting in these real fur slippers, Louis Vuitton is likely to sell out. People are frustrated with the hypocrisy and ignorance that Jenner displayed by sharing these two Stories one after the other.