Who could forget one of the biggest meme moments in 2019, Kylie Jenner's iconic song "Rise and Shine"

The billionaire woke up her almost-two-year-old daughter Stormi with an adorable ditty in a YouTube video. Then, the mogul took the opportunity to make moola off the moment and created limited-edition merchandise

Now the song is trending on Twitter again, because Jenner sang it live at a charity auction with her pals — and biggest fans, apparently — Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. 

Kylie Jenner stepped out in a white jumpsuit and sang her iconic meme-worthy song. 

In front of an LA crowd at a charity auction, Jenner gave a taste of her musical abilities. Photographer and friend Bryant Eslava shared the moment to his Twitter, and it quickly gained traction from her fans. Bieber and Smith cheered Jenner on after she finished the tune.

Justin Bieber hosted a charity art auction that supported LIFT Los Angeles and Inner-City Arts.

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Bieber shared the artwork he was putting up for auction on his Instagram. The pieces were all curated by Hailey Bieber and him, and all proceeds benefit LA families in need and the inner city arts community. 

"The collection features rare contemporary art from the likes of Fidia Falaschetti, Patch Whisky, Buff Monster, Virgil Abloh, Greg Mike, Dalek, Pablo Dona, Pref, OG Slick, Jason Zante, and Miss Zukie," reads a statement from the bidding site. 

Bieber and Smith also performed a few live numbers. 

A fan captured the besties performing one of Bieber's old songs together. Is it 2009 or 2019? Smith was featured on the song initially, too, for his Karate Kid reboot movie. 

If that throwback wasn't enough, Bieber also sang "Baby" and "Love Yourself." 

The 25-year-old sounded just as good as his tween idol self from 2009. Fans were losing it over the throwback moment and loved hearing him reprise his first big hit. "JUSTIN BIEBER SINGING BABY IN 2019. WOW," exclaimed one fan in a tweet. 

But it was nothing compared to Jenner's cameo at the event. 

Fans caught Justin singing "Rise and Shine" just before Jenner got to the mic. While he definitely got some applause after crooning the tune, it was nothing compared to the roar from the crowd after hearing Jenner. Sure, the makeup mogul probably wasn't expecting to perform a concert at the charity auction, but the people loved it. More music from Kylie, please!