The star shared a mirror selfie of her wearing an all-black outfit and a waist trainer. 

The caption noted that the post was an ad for Waist Gang Society waist trainers. She also provided a discount code and asked fans to tag her in photos so she can follow along with their progress.

To start, many are fed up with Kardashian Instagram ads in general. 

Kylie Jenner waist trainer
photo: Instagram

The Kardashians have come under fire for posting paid Instagram content without tagging it as an ad in the past, a clear violation of FTC regulations. Kylie did indicate that the post was an ad, which is good. 

What's troubling is that the ad promotes the idea that "post-baby bodies" need to have flat stomachs and "snatched" waists.

Snapping back to a pre-baby body is highly unrealistic if you don't have the resources of a Kardashian. They have nannies, nurses, and housekeepers, alongside trainers, nutritionists, stylists, and a whole army of people that won't only look after the baby, but ensure that they get their pre-baby bodies back in no time. What mom has those kinds of resources? 

Additionally, why do we shame women for not rapidly "bouncing back" to a pre-baby body following childbirth? You literally just created and pushed out a living being; give your body a break! Photos like Kylie's only add to the emotional difficulty of new mothers trying to adjust to their new post-pregnancy bodies.

Using waist trainers after giving birth is literally doing the reverse of helping your body "bounce back."

“It’s completely backwards reasoning,” Dr. Michael Russo, M.D., a bariatric surgeon at MemorialCare Surgical Weight Loss Center at Orange Coast Medical Center, told Women's Health. "Pregnancy causes your abdominal muscles to atrophy and stretch, and the best way to get your waist back is to strengthen those abdominal muscles, he explains. Waist trainers actually keep you from using your abdominal and core muscles, which can cause your ab muscles to weaken even more. Basically, it’s going to make things worse, not better."

Many doctors recommend taking it easy post-partum, especially if you're breastfeeding your baby.

Kylie, maybe it's time to rethink your sponsored Instagrams, girl.

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