Kylie Jenner's relationship with Travis Scott looks like it could be in a lot of trouble. The two reportedly haven't been talking much since Jenner accused Scott of cheating on her. She saw some DMs on Scott's Instagram that she didn't like and they got into a huge fight. 

He has denied cheating and has tried to make it up to her by deleting his Instagram and canceling one of his recent shows. Scott has been on tour for months, and Jenner is focused on Kylie Cosmetics and Stormi. This distance is reportedly very tough on Jenner, but the couple hopes to work on their relationship when Scott has an extended break from his tour. 

Kylie Jenner's love life could be in trouble. 

It's been reported that Jenner's relationship with Scott isn't doing too well. TMZ claims that the two haven't spent time together as a couple since Jenner accused her man of cheating. They both have been working a lot, and Jenner is taking care of their daughter, Stormi. Their lack of time together is reportedly a big strain on their relationship. 

Jenner recently accused Scott of cheating, and their relationship allegedly hasn't healed since.

Jenner reportedly accused Scott of cheating on her last month. It was reported that she found some DMs on his Instagram that were "overly friendly," which caused the two of them to fight. This was right at the tail end of the Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson/Jordyn Woods cheating scandal. Scott denied the cheating claims and reportedly went out of his way to prove himself to Jenner. 

Scott went into damage-control mode after he was accused of cheating. 

Scott deleted his Instagram, allegedly to prove to Jenner that he was serious about their relationship. Plus, he canceled one of his shows to fly home and see Jenner and Stormi. He even gave a shoutout to his "wifey" at one of his shows shortly thereafter. All of this reportedly meant a lot to Jenner and made her feel "more confident" in their relationship. They agreed to work on their relationship and not break up after the allegations surfaced.

The couple still has a lot of trust issues, according to sources.

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Due to their busy schedules and lack of communication, Jenner and Scott's relationship is reportedly riddled with trust issues right now. Although the two are busy, "keeping his family together is a top priority for Travis," according to TMZ. Both of them are very vocal on social media about their love for each other and Stormi. Based on other reports, distance is the key issue.

Scott has been on tour for the past four months.

Scott has been on his Astroworld Tour for months now. The tour started in November, and its last date is March 24. That's four months total that Scott has been away, but luckily there's only one more week until he returns home to his family. 

Jenner would obviously prefer that Scott be at home with her in Calabasas.

A source told E! News that Jenner wants Scott at home. Jenner doesn't "know who she can trust" after the cheating scandal involving her sister and her best friend, so having Scott on the road doesn't help much. The source also said, "Having Travis on the road is not easy. She is much happier when he is around and they are all together."

But she won't force him to cancel more dates. 

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Jenner does seem to be supportive of Scott's career. The pair is just really busy, and they don't have the time right now to make their relationship their main focus — it happens. Jenner doesn't want her man to cancel anything for her. They hope to get their relationship back on track when he has an extended break from his tour.