Lady Gaga
photo: Splash News

After A Star Is Born premiered last year, the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was undeniable. 

Rumors began flying that the two had to have been dating or in love, but the artist recently revealed that that was the plan all along. The two, who were both in relationships at the time of filming, kept things totally platonic and apparently just had some major acting chops and intense on- and off-screen chemistry. 

For her Elle magazine cover story, Gaga was interviewed by the one and only Oprah Winfrey who brought up the rumors to the singer. The 33-year-old called the rumors "silly" and revealed that their "romance" was completely orchestrated to further the on-screen love story. 

When Cooper and Gaga sang an intimate version of "Shallow" at the 2018 Oscars in February, rumors started spreading. 

The loving performance made people everywhere wish that their significant others looked at them the way Bradley and Lady Gaga gazed into each other's eyes. Now we're finding out that it was all fabricated for the love story. The two had great on-screen chemistry and it translated onto the Oscars stage impeccably. 

Shortly after the Oscars performance, Jimmy Kimmel called Gaga out, but she shut the rumors down then, too. 

Kimmel addressed the rumors, and even then, Lady Gaga rolled her eyes and said that it was all to tell the love story. Now, almost a year later, she had a similar conversation in her interview with Oprah for Elle

Oprah shared that she and Bradley Cooper had also discussed the rumors from the previous year. 

Oprah said, "We were talking about all the rumors about you guys last year. He said if they had been true, he never would have been able to look you in the eye sitting at that piano. He said his Catholic guilt would have never let him be able to look you in the eye at that piano. How did you feel about all of that at the time? You handled it so well." 

Then, Lady Gaga responded, "Quite frankly, I think the press is very silly. I mean, we made a love story. For me, as a performer and as an actress, of course we wanted people to believe that we were in love." 

The love was definitely felt between the two artists, especially during this impromptu performance with Cooper at Gaga's Las Vegas residency. 

Gaga continued, "And we wanted people to feel that love at the Oscars. We wanted it to go right through the lens of that camera and to every television that it was being watched on. And we worked hard on it, we worked for days. We mapped the whole thing out — it was orchestrated as a performance." 

Then Oprah suggested: "You were orchestrating it as a performance to evoke exactly what it did." 

The activist and artist talked mostly about her mental health journey with the impressive talk-show host, and not the romance rumors, in her Elle feature. 

While it was fun to touch on her Oscar win and the "silly" rumors, the purpose of the interview was to share her mental health journey and the good work she's done with her Born This Way foundation. Gaga candidly opened up about her experience with PTSD and chronic pain, plus the therapies and medications that have changed her life for the better.

The multitalented artist also talked about her new makeup brand Haus Laboratories and her goal in creating a line of makeup designed for anyone regardless of gender or racial identity or age.