Unless you've been living off the grid for a few months, you've probably heard about A Star Is Born. It's a remake of, um, another remake that's garnering all sorts of Oscar buzz: It scored eight nominations total. 

The 2018 version of A Star Is Born stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who also directed the film. Without giving away any spoilers, the movie is pretty heavy, and the soundtrack reflects that intensity. One example? The song "Shallow," which Gaga and Cooper perform as a duet. 

Once upon a time, if you wanted to see them sing the emotional tune, you'd have to watch the actual movie. But that all changed last weekend when the two reunited for a surprise performance of "Shallow" in Las Vegas. Can someone pass the tissues? 

Lady Gaga is seriously killing it lately. 

Let us count the ways in which Gaga is dominating at life. There's honestly quite a bit to get through, so be sure to keep up. 

She made her feature film debut in A Star Is Born.

She plays Ally, an aspiring singer guided into the industry by an older, washed-up musician (Bradley Cooper). They are an unlikely duo, but they have magnetic chemistry.

Bradley Cooper starred opposite Gaga. He was also the director. 

Cooper told Variety that he "fell in love with her face and eyes" when they first met. They also bonded over their shared Italian heritage. 

The movie has done extremely well and is currently a front-runner in the Oscars race.

Eight nominations mean that the odds of winning something are definitely in the film's favor. The Oscars are set to air on Sunday, February 24.

But let's get back to why Gaga is killing it.

Her performance in the film has gotten her nominated for pretty much every major award out there. It's a little tough to keep track, TBH.

She won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, aka "Shallow," which she cowrote.

"I am so grateful to Bradley for this opportunity, and for singing this beautiful song with me," she said on Instagram. "We love our fans so much! Thank you for believing in us."

And then she received the Best Actress award from the National Board of Review. 

On Insta, she said: "Thank you to the National Board of Review for giving me the award for Best Actress for my performance in #astarisborn. I'm beyond grateful to you, my family, friends, collaborators and fans. Trust yourself, if you work hard and never give up no matter what anyone tells you, you can achieve your wildest dreams."

She picked up a couple Critics' Choice Awards, too.

She's on a roll, and she's showing no sign of slowing down. Of course, everyone is focused on the statue to end all statues: Oscar. 

In addition to these accolades, Gaga has also been busy performing in Las Vegas for her "Enigma" residency.

It all goes down at the Park Theater at the Park MGM. She's currently scheduled to play shows in Las Vegas until November 2019. 

And over the weekend, she had a very special guest join her onstage for an equally special performance.

That's right, none other than Mr. Bradley Cooper himself. The actor/singer/director/beyond talented individual gave the audience what it really wanted.

Naturally, Cooper and Gaga performed "Shallow," and the entire theater absolutely lost its mind. 

The sheer amount of video footage that exists of this singular event proves just how much people are obsessed with this duo. This song tugs at your heartstrings in the most unbearable way.

Many fans commented on the "strong connection" between the two.

Hey, Academy, are you listening? All the proof you need is right here in this performance. 

With the Oscars less than a month away, all eyes are going to be on these two.

Gaga is nominated for Best Actress. Cooper is nominated for Best Actor. The anticipation is killing me.

For now, I'll just be watching this clip over and over again and gently crying into a soft pillow.

This was the blessing the world truly needed. Now, the real question: When are they taking this show on the road?