Can you think of a duo that's recently caused more fan obsession and outrage than Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga? The pair obviously stirred hearts with their now award-winning performance as a couple falling in love in the blockbuster A Star Is Born.

But their duet performance of Gaga's song "Shallow" from the film at the Academy Awards last Sunday only fueled hopeful fan rumors that Gaga and Cooper's love is more than just a performance. The two shared piano in front of the entire world and looked in each other's eyes in a way that no one can deny looks... suspicious.

The viral final moments of the "Shallow" performance had people so convinced of an IRL romance that news outlets began reporting on the potential existence of a love triangle among Gaga, Cooper, and Cooper's girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

Gaga insists, however, that they're good friends who just act really well together — and that Twitter needs to calm the heck down.