lady gaga performs at super bowl li
photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

During Super Bowl LI (February 5, 2017) conservatives and liberals waited with baited breath to see exactly what the politically outspoken artist Lady Gaga was going to do during her 13-minute solo half-time show.

But after aerial acrobatics and a whole lot of drones, many thought they witnessed a statement-free performance. 

Even right-wing pundit Glenn Beck commended Gaga for her "politics-free" performance.

Many others, however, saw quite a few "political statements," being made, beginning with her choices of songs.

Let us not forget that "Born This Way" is an LGBTQ anthem, and the very embodiment of anti-homosexuality (Mike Pence) was in attendance. 

Others saw heavy symbolism in her every move.

Overall, the general takeaway was one of thanks.

While Mother Monster herself hasn't confirmed that any of her performance was in fact political, we can all ascertain that it was total fire.

photo: Giphy

Thank you, Gaga, for being a light during these dark times.