Lady Gaga has reached a new phase in her style and beauty evolution. While she once hid behind dramatic outfits and flashy makeup, she's now stripping down and letting her natural beauty shine. That's not to say the theatrical looks are dead and gone, but since "Joanne" debuted, Gaga has put the focus more on her raw self.

Monday, the actress and singer's Vogue cover went live, showing us this stripped-down, fresh-faced side of Gaga. And OMG, the lady looks incredible. Her no-makeup makeup look truly emphasizes her flawless features. Plus, the entire look is easy to recreate for just $50!

When many people think of Gaga, they think of her iconic theatrical costumes, stage makeup, and head-to-toe glamour.

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We've grown used to seeing her decked out in larger-than-life looks.

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But over the past decade, Gaga has gone through a "galaxy of change," she told Vogue. So this bare-faced look is a pinnacle of her beauty evolution.

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She told Vogue those theatrical outfits and personas were her armor in the past, and she's been shedding them over the years.

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"For me, fashion and art and music have always been a form of armor. I just kept creating more and more fantasies to escape into, new skins to shed," she told Vogue. "And every time I shed a skin, it was like taking a shower when you’re dirty: getting rid of, washing off, shedding all of the bad, and becoming something new."

"I just remember feeling so irritated at the thought that I had to conform to being 'normal,' or less of whatever I was already born as," she explained. "And so I took such radical enjoyment in expressing who I am in the most grandiose of ways."

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Her craziest looks, she said, were like a nod to her fans and a middle finger to the critics.

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"It was sort of like a very polite 'Fuck off.' It was never about looking perfect—it was always about just being myself. And I think that’s what it’s always been about for my fans too. It was a form of protection, and a secret—like a wink from afar. I’m a monster, and you’re a monster too," she continued.

Gaga's longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno did her flawless no-makeup makeup look in the issue using all Marc Jacobs Beauty products.

Although it's minimal, the whole look costs over $200.

But guess what — you can recreate it for less than $50!

Shop the products below to re-create her timeless no-makeup makeup look.

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If you need me to do the math for you, that totals only $50.

You can check out the details from the shoot and gawk at the rest of the gorgeous Gaga images here.

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