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I'll be the first to admit that I thought the premise of the new Netflix hit Love Is Blind was dumb. A group of people communicating solely from opposite sides of a wall, who after a week are engaged. Of course, my assumption was that the success rate would be slim to none, and for the most part, that's the case. Except for one couple, who captured my heart and the hearts of anyone else watching it, from episode one: Lauren and Cameron. 

The fun-loving couple is proving to possibly be the only Cinderella story from season one, and everyone is obsessed. Check out a sneak peek of their upcoming vows ahead. 

Let's face it, Cameron and Lauren are the reason that most are still even tuning into Netflix's Love Is Blind

While many may not want to say it, the other couples are downright dysfunctional. Jessica doesn't deserve Mark (like yes, sis, how many more times will you remind us that he's younger than you?), we're not really sure what to feel about Amber and Barnett, and Ginannina is an awful communicator, calling her fiancé a "mother f*cker" an uncomfortable amount. 

And then, to save the show, there's Cameron and Lauren, the unexpected couple who seems to be completely head over heels for one another. Their connection appears to be so genuine, no frills, just unfiltered and unconditional love. 

And everyone is waiting for the next episodes to drop so we can finally watch their union become official. 

Well, Netflix gave Popsugar an exclusive advanced look at the vows, and let's just say, it looks just as heartwarming as we expected. "You made me want to be a better man, and you have everything that I need in a partner," Cameron is heard saying in the video.

Ugh, swoon.  

Fans of the duo have already dedicated themselves to figure out if the pair is still together. 

After finding out the show actually filmed in 2018, viewers were on the hunt to discover if the two are going strong, and it's looking positive. 

"me: #loveisblind is going to be a waste of everybody's time.

also me: is this the same patio? is this the same beach? are these the same christmas decorations? i need to know that cameron and lauren are still together?!?!?!" someone tweeted alongside clues that point to recent vacations and a shared home.

And if they are together, we already know that Lauren is being well taken care of.

Like, come on, Cameron seems like he'd make the best husband ever. "Cameron really bought a house in preparation to have a wife and kids," another fan tweeted. "Was prepared to even turn the guest room into a work studio for Lauren. Like, when he says 'I’ll take care of you.' He really means that sh*t."

Admirers are requesting a spin-off dedicated just to those two. 

Watching the two interact makes us all believe in love. You can tell through the screen how much they love each other, and the way he looks at her, incredible. "Could we get a #loveisblind spinoff that is just Lauren and Cameron?" someone asked Netflix. "There has to be hours of footage they haven’t aired. Please? Thank you."

So will you tune in to watch it all unfold? We sure will, and we may even throw on our black tie. 

It's only right that we give their wedding the respect it deserves. So what are we thinking? A dress or pant suit? "What y’all wearing to your living room for Cameron and Lauren’s wedding?" someone asked. 

Just the thought of their love makes me happy.

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While the love between the other castmates is questionable, there's no doubt in our mind that Cameron and Lauren are in it for the long haul. Tune into the finale on February 27!