Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are expecting their second child
photo: Splash News

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are pregnant with their second baby!

The two '00s teen icons (Meester played Blair on Gossip Girl and Brody was Seth from The O.C.)  were married in 2014 and have one daughter together, 4-year-old Arlo. The two are very private and keep most of their personal life to themselves, which makes sense considering they were incredibly famous during their teenage years. 

Both are still acting, Meester is a lead in NBC's Single Parents, and Brody has appeared in a wide range of movies and television series.

Meester proudly showed off her baby bump on a walk with Brody and their daughter.

The Daily Mail obtained exclusive photos and videos of the Gossip Girl alum. The little family was out together with young Arlo Day Brody sitting in a stroller as her dad pushed her along. Meester was wearing form-fitting black overalls that showed off her full tummy.

The Daily Mail was the first to share the March 31 photos.

The trio looked like they were getting some fresh air after staying inside and quarantining. They looked casual and perhaps weren't expecting paparazzi to be out during this time of social distancing. Either way these photos were taken and now the news is out.

Meester and Adam Brody have been married since 2014.

It's so perfect that these two early '00s heartthrobs ended up together. Even though they were on two separate teen dramas, Seth and Blair definitely would have hit it off. The two keep their personal life very private and Meester shared a rare photo of Brody on her Instagram from the Ready or Not film premiere.

These pictures tell it all — these two are definitely expecting another baby.

One fan tweeted a few photos and wrote, "Leighton Meester and Adam Brody in L.A on March 31... GUYS OMG SHE'S PREGNANT... YOU BETTER STAY INSIDE GIRL @itsmeleighton." Meester has not been photographed since January, so it's difficult to say when exactly she's due. Hopefully she and her family are staying safe during the coronavirus crisis.

One person came up with a very clever name for the second baby.

Ciara Knight, an author, tweeted, "If Leighton Meester doesn’t call her new baby Seesterfromanother then what is the actual point." 

The clever joke is perfect, and I hope Meester and Brody take it into serious consideration. Likely we won't find out any details directly from the source until the baby has arrived, as these two have kept things quiet.

Meester is going to be a great mother to her second child, as she's already a totally obsessed, loving mom to Arlo.

Meester gushed over her little family in an Us Weekly interview. She said, "People started telling me before [I had] a kid, ‘You’re going to really love them,’... Then you’re like, ‘Yeah, obviously, I’ll love them.’ And then you do [have them] and you’re like, ‘Oh. OK. I don’t love anyone else. I just love them. And I don’t even love myself as much as I love them! Not even close.’"

Fans of the early '00s couple are swooning.

One fan tweeted, "adam brody and leighton meester dating and getting married is the best thing to ever come out of 2000s teen shows, don’t @ me."

The early '00s were a great time for romances, and these two have stood the test of time. Congratulations again to the couple and good luck with baby number two!