Lena Dunham
photo: Splash News

In early August, Lena Dunham was waiting to catch a flight out of New York City when she overheard two American Airlines flight attendants making disturbing comments about trans children. 

Disgusted by what she heard, Dunham immediately contacted the airline to relay the unsettling exchange.

Lena Dunham's DM to American Airlines about transphobic
photo: Twitter

Although American Airlines was ultimately "unable to substantiate" Dunham's accusations, the actress refuses to ignore transphobia wherever she may see it.

Dunham recently took to Instagram to remind her followers to "watch out for her" because she "hears and sees all."

Lena Dunham warns travelers that she "hears and sees all"
photo: Instagram/@lenadunham

“I’m at the airport," Dunham began her cautionary Instagram story. "And I think people now know, when I’m at the airport, they have to fucking watch out for me."

Following last month's incident, Dunham wants to do her part to make sure no person is subjected to cruel commentary.

"I hear and I see all," she declared.

Unsurprisingly, trolls were quick to mock Dunham's mission.

Trolls mocking Lena Dunham
photo: Twitter

But Dunham refuses to ease up on her commitment to LGBTQ rights.

Lena Dunham in a hat
photo: Instagram/@lenadunham

As she stated in her story, she isn't afraid to call out transphobia whenever she sees (or hears) it.