Leslie Jones
photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer

After the horrible hacking and Twitter harassment that comedian Leslie Jones faced just a short time ago, it would have totally been understandable if she'd stepped away from the public limelight and gave up social media entirely; at least for a few months.

But Jones is a champion of the human spirit, and not only is she continuing to live her best life, she's also got no problem sharing her success and joy with others online. Case in point? Sunday night (September 18) she had one of the best moments onstage at the Emmy awards, and the party did not stop once she got off stage — she got to meet so many amazing celebrities after the show, and we are living vicariously though her awesome pics:

She met Gwendoline Christie and fulfilled all of our tall girl fantasies.

Screw Jaime, can Brienne ride off into the sunset with Leslie?

She gossiped with Varys ...

Conleth Hill knows all about little birds, so surely he can give her some Twitter advice.

AND the Mother of Dragons herself.

Daenerys likes to set people on fire who displease her. Leslie should try that one out. 

In fact she met the ENTIRE cast of "Game of Thrones."

I can't decide whom I'm more jealous of. 

She also enlisted the help of a (now Emmy winning!) "Mr. Robot" star ...

If Elliot can't find 'em, no one can.

She successfully seduced John Mayer.

Why not both??

Plus another famous Jon, too.

He sure doesn't. 

Leslie also hung out with the LAST MAN ON EARTH you'd expect to see at the Emmys.

Get it, because he's on "The Last Man On Earth?" And you'd expect to see him at the Emmys because it's a really good show? 

And Liev Schreiber, AKA Ray Donovan.

It's a very good and popular show, I'm told. About ... I want to say plumbing?

But also Bokeem Woodbine, AKA one of the best parts of "Fargo."

All the parts of "Fargo" are the best parts of "Fargo," but Woodbine is one of the better best parts of "Fargo" for sure. 

And Angela Bassett!

Plus a bonus Keegan Michael Key!

And Angela Basset's Emmy-winning husband!

More like Courtney B. Fantastic. Vancetastic? This pun got away from me.

And ... Charo???

I would ask why she was even there, but I am not about to look a gift Charo in the cuchi-cuchi. 

Plus Ray Romano and Chris Rock, who she's already besties with.

Is that Matt Damon's nose photobombing behind them??

And Jimmy Kimmel. She even liked his Bill Cosby joke that nobody else liked!

Bless her heart, but that was an awkward situation.

Basically Leslie Jones had the best night ever and we are so excited for her continued existence.

#LoveForLeslieJ! But also maybe a little but of #EnvyforLeslieJ. Good thing she's documenting her amazing adventures for posterity!