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Leslie Jones is finally getting rewarded for putting up with so much crap this year. 

Most of us know that the "Saturday Night Live" comedian is an awesome person. From the way she managed to score a ticket to the Olympics in Rio just by tweeting about the games to the way she called out designers for refusing to dress her for the premiere of "Ghostbusters," there's just no one in Hollywood like her. 

Unfortunately, she hasn't always gotten the respect that she deserves. Back in July, Jones was the victim of racist Twitter trolls harassing her online, hacking into her account, and leaking her personal information. She eventually bounced back from the hate (because she's too good to be kept down), and it appears that a new blessing has officially come into her life.

Love may have finally crossed Jones' path — or at the very least, a public Twitter flirtation: 

ICYMI, this is Nicholas Ferroni.

He went from being a soap actor to history teacher at Union High School in New Jersey. Ferroni has been teaching for 10 years, using his TV background as a way to advocate for issues like student nutrition, LGBTQ inclusion in history books, and education reform. He was named People's "Sexiest Teacher Alive" in the 2014 "Sexiest Men Alive" issue.

And this is what his body looks like.

(With a torso like that, how could you not get named People's Sexiest Teacher Alive?)

On Saturday night, Ferroni paid a little compliment to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jones for a teaching skit they performed on a previous episode of "SNL."

While compliments are always appreciated by pretty much everyone, Jones seemed to have one thing on her mind when she read this one in particular.

Then everyone on Twitter was waiting for his response like:

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Even Miranda was interested.

After it was established that the New Jersey teacher was indeed single and ready to mingle, Jones was ready to take the next big step.

Once Ferrano questioned if Jones wanted to give out her number on social media, she had to make it clear that it was now his move.

She wasn't playing around.

And apparently, Ferrano wasn't either.

Now obviously this doesn't mean the two are going to run off into the sunset together and get a quick marriage in Las Vegas — but we can dream.

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Jones just gave us all hope that maybe we will get the courage to one day slide into our crush's DM's without the fear of embarrassment.

Then again, probably not.

Sadly, as of Monday night their newfound relationship seems to be kaput.  Jones tweeted that Ferroni "ain't about that life," so it seems that she's back to the drawing board.

But hey, we're just happy to see our girl successfully flirt with a hot guy on Twitter. 

Go Leslie!

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