Lil Huddy Charli D'Amelio breakup
photo: Instagram/Lil Huddy

Well, the Lil Huddy/Charli D'Amelio drama really isn't over. However, it's not everyone else speaking about the situation. Instead, the latest is coming directly from Chase Hudson. He's setting the record straight and letting everyone know that D'Amelio is the only girl he loves. 

But everyone is still wondering, what happened?

The Charli D'Amelio and Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson) drama has captured the attention of millions.

With millions of fans between them, their romance and potential breakup has had people going nuts. Hudson has been getting attacked by D'Amelio fans after rumors swirled that he cheated on the TikToker. Since then, both parties have been pretty quiet, not addressing it, and keeping mum as The Hype House drama hits from several angles.

It's been a real distraction for many.

While many should be focused on other means of productivity, the breakup has instead captured their attention. "Me reading the latest on lil huddy and charli's relationship instead of completing my third year of university," someone hilariously tweeted.

Now Chase Hudson is speaking out.

According to Hudson, there's no other girl. 

"I love one girl and one girl only," he wrote on his stories. "That is the facts, the Hype House has been so amazing for all of us but there are so many problems other people cause for clout and their own benefit and I don't want any part of it anymore. Everyone who really knows me will know I really do love this one and only person. Always have and I always will. Nothing was fake or staged and even if it was trust me it turned real."

And he's standing by what he said.

After deleting the post, he went on to tweet, reiterating what he said. "I love one woman," he wrote. "Do not tell lies."

D'Amelio has yet to respond.

And judging by the fact that just last week, her mom told everyone to mind their own business, we don't think she will. 

We'll keep everyone posted on the current Hype House craziness.