On the small screen, Lili Reinhart seeks justice as Betty Cooper on "Riverdale." Offscreen, she seeks justice for women everywhere against one major villain: Hollywood's beauty standards.

As a champion of body positivity, Reinhart is totally transparent about her struggles with body image. She's called out magazines for altering her body and has spoken out about how problematic body shaming is, all in an effort to change the status quo. But so far, nothing has been quite as powerful and inspirational as her recent speech at Glamour's 2018 Women of the Year Summit.

Reinhart took the stage at the summit to talk at length about body image, social media, and mental health. The speech was wise beyond her 22 years, and every woman — no matter her age — needs to hear it.

"We exist in a world today where everything can be faked or fixed," she began. "Noses can be changed, and stomachs can be tightened, and cellulite can be lasered away, apparently. Because that's what we are told to do, which is alter ourselves in order to be beautiful."

She then admitted to the audience that over the past year, she's quietly been dealing with the backlash from people who claimed she "didn't have the right" to discuss her body image struggle because she's thin.

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"I understand how it seems inappropriate for someone who is average size to talk about problems with weight gain. But, my point is, I didn't think anything was wrong with my body until I was in an industry that rewards and praises people for having a smaller waist than I will ever have," she explained.

Reinhart went on to discuss her concern for future generations, especially for her own children. "Will my daughter be self-conscious about gaining weight? Will she feel the need to explain her body or justify it to anyone as it changes? Will she feel that same need that I do now—to apologize to her peers and say, 'My body doesn’t usually look like this,' or 'I’m just a little heavier than usual right now?'" 

"How utterly ridiculous is it that we even think about explaining the nature of our bodies to other people?" she asked the audience.

She then called out all the ways we are trained to feel bad about our bodies — *cough* social media *cough*. "We aren’t born with these insecurities," she explained. "We are told to be insecure about certain things. We are conditioned to feel ashamed or embarrassed about certain parts of ourselves."

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According to Reinhart, we can change that by "showing what’s real with no filter and certainly with no shame."

Reinhart then requested that the women in the audience try to "find a healthy balance between expressing the natural, vulnerable side of yourself with the glamorous, contoured side."

"Do not set impossible goals of meeting those fake standards," she added. "Embracing your natural beauty does not exclude anyone. There is no fine print. You can be naturally beautiful with acne or scars, cellulite or curves."

Her refreshingly honest and open discussion is being celebrated online. "It's comforting to know she understands how we feel," one woman said.

Many people are thanking the "Riverdale" star for her transparency and for helping them to feel heard.

Even fellow actors, like Alexa Davies, are gracious to Reinhart for telling it like it is.

She concluded the speech encouraging everyone to love ourselves as we are. "So, let’s celebrate each other, and ourselves, as we are, as we will be, and as we were meant to be. Unique. Imperfect. Beautiful. And so incredibly powerful."

Personally, I think it's something we all could stand to hear today and every day.

Watch Reinhart's entire speech below and prepare to feel inspired.