Lili Reinhart Cole Sprouse breakup
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Whenever our favorite celebrity couples split, it feels personal. We tend to invest so much time into their love, watching their every move, swooning over mushy, heartfelt Instagram posts, and truly believing the duos are matches made in heaven.

So when we find out that the love we hoped would last forever is reportedly no more, it feels like a serious blow. That's exactly how fans felt earlier this week after reports surfaced that Riverdale actors Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse had split after about two years of dating. 

However, in a recent tweet, fans believe that Reinhart may have shut down breakup rumors, leading people to wonder if the two ever broke up in the first place. 

On Monday, reports that Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart had split spread like wildfire. 

Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart Breakup
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According to our previous reporting, sources confirmed to Us Weekly that Sprouse had been overheard talking about the split with a friend at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. 

"Their friends didn’t really expect them to last in the long run," an anonymous source later disclosed. "At the end of the day, their personalities are very different and their lifestyles often clashed."

However, in a tweet last night, Reinhart seemed to disband those rumors — at least that's what fans are hoping.

In a public declaration to fans that didn't give much away, and neither confirmed nor denied the break, Reinhart criticized the news media for spreading what she implied was false news. 

"Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, kids. And news sources should try a little harder to be less vile. 'Reliable sources' can kiss my [redacted]," she wrote. 

The tweet sent fans back into a lovestruck frenzy, and they now believe that the tweet confirms that the breakup never happened. 

"Y’all are really private in your relationship which is something good and I respect but thank you so much for making us #sprousehart fans calm down! Thx queen," an elated fan responded to Reinhart, clearly in a better space knowing that the pair may still be together.

When you're in the public eye like the Riverdale duo, privacy is never really a thing.

"You two owe nothing to no one. Even if you break up, you don’t have to explain yourselves to anyone. There’s a reason why it’s called PRIVACY. Personally, I would be sad if you had broken up, but this is your life, your choices, your happiness. [Redacted] them 'reliable sources.' We love you," someone wrote in support of Reinhart and Sprouse keeping their personal life out of the public eye. 

The media frenzy speaks to why the pair was so private about their love lives in the first place. 

In the age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, fans often feel entitled to certain aspects of celebrities' lives. And let's face it — that's just not healthy. 

"This is why people tend to keep their relationships private and not share details too publicly. But of course news and gossip sites will never care nor learn. I’m sorry y’all had to deal with this," a fan responded to Reinhart.

Were the constant breakup reports a sign of disrespect to Sprouse and Reinhart, or was the media simply doing its job?

As one of the most adored and admired celeb couples right now, folks caring about the state of their relationship is truly inevitable. 

"An actual queen, I can't believe they disrespected you and Cole's relationship like that. Especially when it's none of their business and if it was true it should've stayed between you, Cole, and whoever else you and Cole wanted to know. Smh," a fan wrote. 

But, uh, does that mean that there's no trouble in paradise after all? We need answers!

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Contrary to what fans may think the tweet confirms, neither party has outright responded to officially clarity the rumors' validity. And while we too believe that the privacy of the actors should be protected, we have a feeling that there's a lot more digging to be done. 

We'll keep you posted as more developments roll in.