Lili Reinhart natural hair
photo: Getty Images

Jughead's beanie, Cheryl's red lipstick, and Betty's ponytail are elements of Riverdale that are never changing. But after Lili Reinhart shared a shot of her natural curls, maybe the show's producers should reconsider. 

The actor normally keeps her hair tame with a slight wave, but in a new Instagram post, her curls are wild and loose. Celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett used his magic to style the 22-year-old's tresses, but for what reason is still unclear. 

Maybe it's for her part in the upcoming movie Hustlers, or she could have worn it curly on a date with Cole Sprouse — assuming they're together. The natural style fits Reinhart so well, and I'm hoping the look is here to stay. 

Reinhart has said in the past that she doesn't like her hair when it's too curly. 

In May 2018, the actor tweeted, "My hair never looks good when I try to curl it. I end up looking like the prissy mean girl on a Disney channel show." There's no way she still feels this way after having her hair teased to the gods in an '80s-influenced style. 

Normally, the Riverdale star keeps her hair straight or in loose waves. 

With naturally curly hair, Reinhart most likely spends a lot of time applying heat and products to her hair, which can cause damage. Her signature style is hair down with a slight wave, looking casual and effortless. The curls Reinhart just debuted, though, required no heat whatsoever and were 100% natural. 

Or her hair is slicked-back in a topknot or a Betty Cooper–style ponytail.

Oftentimes, Reinhart will wear her hair pulled back in a topknot or in a similar style to her character's iconic look. Ahead of season three, however, she revealed that the ponytail is not as easy of a style as one would imagine. Reinhart tweeted, "Currently working on the evolution of Betty’s ponytail for season 3... probably won’t look any different to you all — but just know that there’s a lot that goes into this [redacted] hairstyle."

Fans were obsessed with Reinhart's curls in the flashback episode in which she played Alice Cooper, her on-screen mom, as a high school bad girl. 

Fans were gushing over Reinhart's look in the season three episode. "I just love her hair like that! I know the ponytail is iconic but Lili looks stunning with long curls," one person replied to a tweet. Another wanted to see a darker Betty Cooper look — but not that Dark Betty. "Can we maybe see serpent queen Betty wear an outfit like this?" a fan wrote. 

Reinhart playfully joked on Twitter how she usually acquires her curls. 

In 2017, Reinhart tweeted a picture of a puppet with curlers in its hair, holding a drink, and wrote, "Me rn." A fan replied with appreciation for the effort going into the curly style, "them curls tho." To get big, voluminous curls, Reinhart would have to go to extreme lengths to style them — that is, until she learned Scarlett's masterful hair method. 

Thick- and curly-haired girls everywhere could relate to this tweet, Reinhart included. 

Someone shared an image of Disney princess Anna from Frozen waking up with frizzy bedhead and wrote, "me, 6 seconds later after I have tried to curl my hair for 40 minutes." Even a celebrity like Reinhart, who has hairstylists and a team to make her look her best, often keeps the look simple. It's a lot of work to keep natural curls intact. 

But the halo of curls around her head was absolutely flawless and deserves to stick around. 

"Literally no curling iron used. This is my natural curl, finessed to perfection by @brycescarlett," Reinhart wrote on her Instagram story. 

And I just want to know how? Some were comparing her with Sandy in the last scene of Grease, in which she says, "Tell me about it, stud." Maybe she's been using the Curly Girl Method, because I can't think of a single plausible way she acquired curls as perfect as these.