Oh, no, no, no, Cosmo.

After the magazine has made strides to feature all bodies regardless of shape and size, including Tess Holliday, Denise Bidot, and Felicity Hayward, it took infinite steps backward by making Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes of "Riverdale" look nearly unrecognizable.

The magazine's Philippines edition featured Reinhart and Mendes' bodies on the cover, only to make their waists look so much smaller than they are in real life. What gives, Cosmo?

Reinhart took to her Instagram Stories to point out the discrepancy.

"This is me from Cosmo's February shoot," she wrote about the unretouched photo.

Reinhart then posted the Photoshopped version (the version Cosmo Philippines chose to use).

"This is how my waist was Photoshopped for Cosmo Philippines," she wrote.

That's a big difference.

Lili Reinhart waist
photo: @lilireinhart

Cosmo Philippines didn't just stop at Reinhart, however.

Check out this trash Photoshop job.

That's just bad Photoshop, Cosmo.

Additionally, Mendes has been open with her battle with an eating disorder, so Photoshopping her isn't only fucked up, it can be triggering and dangerous. Shame on you.

Reinhart wrote that she and her co-star work to feel confident.

Lili Reinhart body positive
photo: @lilireinhart

Feeling confident in your skin is an endless journey, and Photoshop is detrimental to that progress.

She continued by calling their bodies in the shoot "distorted."

photo: @lilireinhart


photo: @lilireinhart

At the time of writing, the posts were still up on Cosmo's Instagram.

On the plus side, nearly all the comments were bashing Cosmopolitan Philippines for its tasteless Photoshop.

Hopefully, Cosmo learned a thing or two and takes this down.

Practice what you preach, Cosmo. You can't claim to embrace all bodies only to retouch some to make them look unrealistic.

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