In light of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, "Riverdale" star Lili Reinhart is the latest actress to come forward with her own horrifying account of sexual harassment.

Lili Reinhart reveals she was sexually assaulted
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While Weinstein himself was not personally involved with Reinhart, the 21-year-old actress was assaulted by a man in power and shares a story eerily similar to Weinstein's victims.

Reinhart took to Tumblr to share the harrowing experience she had with an older man as a teenager.

"I feel the need to share a story of my own personal experience where a man in a position of power over me, used that said power to try and take advantage of me," she began.

"I was a teenager working on a project.. when I started to have a crush on a guy I was working with. He was incredibly charming and charismatic — we flirted for a while before we went on our first date. He was pretty significantly older than me, but I thought of myself as mature so it didn’t seem like a big deal."

While on a date, the man tried to force himself onto Reinhart.

Lili Reinhart
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"I’m not comfortable giving specific details about the situation because I don’t feel it’s necessary," she continued. "All that matters is that he tried to force himself on me when we were on a date. I had to stop him and say 'no, I don’t want that,' and 'I can’t do that.' I physically walked away from the situation before it could get any worse." 

"I remember feeling like this was a scene right out of a horror movie."

The man tried to convince Reinhart to come back to his place, but she refused.

"I told him to drop me off at my home, that I didn’t want to go back to his place," Reinhart told her followers. "He said some snarky comment but reluctantly brought me to where I was staying."

The following day, Reinhart was filled with conflicting emotions. She felt uncomfortable, as though she had done something "wrong."

"I remember begging him to come outside his trailer so we could talk," she recalled. "I needed clarity on the situation. I felt like I had genuinely done something wrong — that maybe I really was being a tease to him and led him to believe that I wanted to be with him sexually."

Because this man was her superior at work, Reinhart believed she had to stay silent.

Lili Reinhart opens up about her sexual assault
photo: Instagram/@lilireinhart

"I was miserable," Reinhart admitted. "And I felt that I needed to keep my mouth shut about the entire situation because 1. I figured no one would believe me and 2. he played a much bigger role in this project than me. He had more power."

"If I said something, maybe the production would be halted… people would be put out of work," she added. "I would be looked at as dramatic and a diva, no one would want to work with me again."

The encounter still affects Reinhart years later.

Reinhart said she can sympathize with the Weinstein victims.

"I understand how these women feel, the women coming forward about being harassed and assaulted by Harvey Weinstein," Reinhart concluded her powerful post. "Feeling that they’d rather keep quiet at the time than start a discussion that could lead to them being called a liar or overly dramatic. I stand with them. I believe them. I believe in standing up for yourself as a woman and coming forward about sexual harassment.

"I’m coming forward about my own experience to further express how common these assaults are in this industry and how important it is that we take action to fight against it."

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