As a not-so gentle reminder that celebrities do, in fact, read what you write about them online, Lili Reinhart epically clapped back at a troll on Twitter who claimed she wasn't good enough for her beau. Fans should know by now not to mess with Dark Betty, but some still have to learn their lesson the hard way.

As you probably know by now, Reinhart is coupled up IRL with her on-screen boyfriend Cole Sprouse (Jughead).

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After tons of speculation, these two finally made their relationship public while attending the Met Gala together. Then they really sealed the deal with intimate birthday dedications on Instagram.

Sprouse posted a semi-nude photo of Reinhart on her birthday and basically had the entire internet in a tizzy.

Both the birthday and the gift. My little muse, happy birthday my love.

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But some fans were not as excited as others. They were just straight up jealous.

One even just went as far as tweeting a text conversation from her phone where she and a friend shit talk Reinhart. It's jealousy at its finest.

What she didn't realize is that Reinhart is active on Twitter. Tagging her in the tweet was a pretty risky move. 

In the text conversation, one girl calls Reinhart a "cringey b*tch" and the other calls her "so 2013 Tumblr," which is somehow meant to be an insult.

Tumblr was way better in 2013, y'all. Remember Tumblarity? Remember the good old days? No? Ok. 

Welp. Reinhart saw it.

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And took the opportunity to clap back with a joke of her own.

Where has Dark Betty been hiding? Fans were flabbergasted by her epic response.

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Let this be a lesson to all. Celebrities can read what you write on the internet. And they're real people. So, maybe be a little nicer? You don't want your tweet to end up on Jimmy Kimmel. Or maybe you do. I can't keep up.