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At 2 a.m., while in Moscow, Lohan went live on Instagram. She told her followers there was a family of Syrian refugees she was concerned about. God only knows if this family is actually Syrian or refugees.

“Do you want me to give you a hotel? ... I want you to tell America what you need, and I will get it for you," Lohan said to the family, who appeared to be homeless. Lohan told the family she was fluent in Arabic and used a fake Arabian accent ... for some reason.

Lohan asks the family if they want a hotel, but when they refused, the former actress accused them of child-trafficking. “You should not have them on the floor," Lohan says to the mother. “If someone is offering them a home and a bed, give it to them. This is not right.”

Then Lohan tried to take one of the children. The mother knocked her over, rightfully so. 

Many people called out Lohan for accusing a family of trafficking their own children with no evidence ... then trying to kidnap their kid. 

Many felt Lohan was exhibiting some sort of "white savior complex." 

In the end, this was simply weird AF and possibly traumatizing for the kid.