We all fell in love with actress Lindsay Lohan on our TV and movie screens. Since the early ’00s, she's taken time away from acting to focus on other projects such as her Mykonos Beach Club, but Lohan is back to star in an upcoming movie about werewolves. Yes — WEREWOLVES.

In Among the Shadows, Lohan plays the president's wife who hires a private investigator when her husband's life is in danger. It turns out that the P.I. is a werewolf, and there seems to be some tension between the werewolves and humans. The movie premieres digitally on March 5.

Lindsay Lohan will be starring in a new movie after six years.

The movie Among the Shadows is about a private detective who is secretly a werewolf. When the detective is hired by the first lady of the United States to protect her husband, tensions between the werewolves and humans come to a head, and only one group comes out on top.

But there might be more to the story than just werewolf drama.

If you look at the IMDb page for the movie, it says the movie is about this private eye trying to solve her uncle's murder while keeping her true werewolf identity a secret. So, is her uncle the president? Does he get murdered after she's hired to protect him? Either could be true at this rate.

The trailer doesn't explain much else, though.

Between Lohan's American accent, the fact that her husband is the U.S. president, and a whole slew of what look like European locations, it's pretty hard to tell where this movie is even taking place.

Is Lohan supposed to be a werewolf, too, or?

When the private investigator, Kristy Wolfe (Charlotte Beckett), looks like she's been confronted by Patricia Sherman (Lindsay Lohan), she mentions that both candidates are wolves. This could mean that Sherman's husband is already president and is up for reelection. If that's the case, this statement makes him a werewolf. Does that mean his wife is one too? WHO IS NOT A WEREWOLF IN THIS MOVIE?

The movie will be released in early March. 

The plot is altogether really confusing, and the trailer doesn't help at all. But if you're interested, you can watch it digitally and on-demand on March 5.

This is Lohan's first movie role in six years. 

Lohan hasn't been in a movie in some time, so it'll be interesting to see how she performs in this film. Of course, she's known for her roles in Mean Girls and The Parent Trap, but her last one was in 2015. She played Lana in the short film Till Human Voices Wake Us. 

But Lohan has been making waves overseas in that time.

She's got her own show about her beach club in Mykonos, Greece, called Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. It's on MTV and follows eight American ambassadors whom she hired to promote and staff the club. You see Lohan in full boss mode on the show, as she and her business partner make difficult choices about who to keep and who to let go once the drama starts. 

Namely, she's been working on her Greek beach club, which has gone viral several times.

A clip from the show went viral after Lohan was caught dancing at her club. People weren't too sure what she was doing or that it should even be called dancing, but a few turns and hair flips can make anything a dance. 

She even accidentally started a dance challenge. 

Because this is the internet, the dance became a hashtag. #DoTheLiLo features other people imitating Lohan. It is even compared with the Carlton dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Lohan also has other clubs in Greece, so she's kept herself pretty busy.

She owns a night club in Athens and another beach house in Rhodes. However, the reality show only follows her Mykonos location. 

She even plans to own an island. 

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Lohan discusses her business goals when she mentions she plans on owning an island some day. As to what kind of clubs or attractions she wants to have there, she didn't mention, but she did say it's "a fact" that she'll pull it off, so we have something to look forward to. 

Lohan may be all grown-up, but she's still a major source of nostalgia for '90s and '00s kids.

Miley Cyrus just posted a video of herself singing along to Lohan's song "Rumors," which came out in 2004. She can probably relate pretty well to the song. 

And we can't forget about Mean Girls, which is so iconic that it's now immortalized in a record-breaking Ariana Grande music video.

Grande's music video for the hit song "Thank U, Next" features remakes of scenes from Mean Girls among other '00s blockbusters. The video features the Burn Book and the infamous "Jingle Bell Rock" dance number from the movie's high school talent show. 

Whatever's in the water Lohan's been drinking, can I have some?

Lohan might have had a rough few years, but now it looks like she's back and better than ever. Anyone who can make plans to own an island is someone I aspire to be, and I am ready to take notes. 

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