Singer Lizzo is well on her way to world domination. She's been an indie-pop darling since her mixtape days in 2016, but since then she's singlehandedly skyrocketed into viral superstar status, and it's clear to see how.

Her unapologetic sensuality, carefree sense of humor, and raw musical talent have turned her into somewhat of an internet celebrity. We mostly have her iconic "flute and shoot" video to thank for that, but Lizzo's just followed it up with "Juice," an irresistible self-acceptance anthem that's sure to become the feel-good hit of the summer, if not the entire year.

People are surely taking notice of Lizzo's epic strides and rapid increase in following — her nationwide tour, taking place this spring, sold out almost instantly. Her next move? To finally get the one award she's always worked for. Listen to her spill the deets below.