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After being ridiculed for not coming to her defense, the show's cohost Alex Berg took to Twitter to clarify. 

"What I was going to say here is that Lizzo has been incredibly important in giving so many of us a possibility model for accepting our bodies as we are and celebrating bodies that are normally ridiculed. Had to restrain myself from defending Lizzo's honor!" she said, defending herself. 

However, that wasn't enough for many people who felt that her silence was completely unacceptable. "And y’all wonder why I don’t see it for White women," someone responded. "Imagine tweeting that *you love Lizzo SO MUCH* that you decided to recuse yourself from defending the dignity and honor of a fat Black woman from racism and fatphobia on a platform that size. You’re a coward."

Some believe that Michaels' harsh stance comes from her own struggle with body acceptance. 

The trainer, who used to be what she considers "overweight," was quite harsh given her past. "Jillian Michaels hates her own body and is worried that if other people hate their bodies less, they'll stop buying the shit she peddles. She's worried about the bottom line, not Lizzo's health (or yours, or mine)," someone wrote. 

And while many are defending Lizzo by referencing her intense performances, it negates the fact that she simply deserves respect just for being human. 

And she has gotten everything but that, becoming one of the most disrespected celebrities on Twitter. "I kind of hate the defense of Lizzo that focuses on how fit you have to be to perform as she does, bc it seems to imply that fat people who can’t do that aren’t as worthy of defending? Lizzo deserves respect because she’s a human, not because she meets your standards of fitness," someone emphasized. 

To be fat, black, and unapologetic has proven to be a hated combination. 

"The energy y'all give Lizzo, I have NEVER heard y'all give Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, etc. Y'all just love picking on black women for simply existing," someone said pointing out that white women of the same size have never faced even a fraction of the insults and disrespect. 

At the end of the day, people deserve respect, and we hope that Lizzo will finally get the respect she deserves.