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Lizzo performed another high-energy, dance-heavy set on her tour, as "Truth Hurts" remains solidly in the number one spot. 

At Austin City Limits music festival, fellow artist Kacey Musgraves stopped by backstage for Lizzo's performance, and dutifully took on the role of stage mom. The country singer was filming on her iPhone, crouched in the perfect position to get the best angle of the rap artist's upbeat twerking moves. 

The internet couldn't help but compare Musgraves with other iconic stage moms, namely Kris Jenner and Regina George's mom from Mean Girls. The musician was happy to play the part. 

Kacey Musgraves did what any supportive stage mom would do and filmed Lizzo's intense twerking set. 

"I love you, mom @KaceyMusgraves," Lizzo tweeted along with a video of the supportive artist filming. What makes this video as wholesome as it is hilarious is that the two artists couldn't be more different from each other, but Musgraves is there to support regardless. The internet loved the clip, too, and immediately started hoping for a collaboration between the two icons. 

People on Twitter see the momager resemblance too — cue the Kris Jenner meme. 

One person replied to Lizzo's tweet, "Kacey is like that proud mom watching her child do whatever. She’s like, 'You’re doing great sweetie! Keep going!'" Musgraves was still in her outfit from her performance one hour prior, so she must have raced to the stage in order to watch Lizzo as a fan. 

The Kris Jenner meme flooded Lizzo's thread. 

The comparison was way too easy. The Mean Girls meme of Regina George's mom has the exact same energy. Next time Ariana Grande wants to include a stage mom in a music video, I know exactly who she should call. 

Even Musgraves couldn't help but laugh at the resemblance. 

Musgraves retweeted Lizzo's video with the message "You’re doing amazing sweetie" and a video camera emoji. This new friendship is too pure, and I'm all for it. Both artists are heartfelt and full of love regardless of the difference in sound, and they would make real magic together. Let's see a collab, Lizzo and Kacey!