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Cyberbullying, especially when it's directed at celebrities, is nothing new. However, in the past year, Lizzo has been subjected to an unwarranted amount of scrutiny, much of which seems to be sparked by fatphobia. And while she's been known for standing strong, most people can only take so much, and Lizzo seems to have reached her limit. 

She announced that she's off Twitter indefinitely, and hearts everywhere have been broken. 

There's no denying that Lizzo has been subject to some serious social media scrutiny. 

The fatphobia she faces daily on social media platforms is evident, and it's a wonder that she's been able to endure the bullying for this long. But it seems she's had enough. 

"Yeah I can’t do this Twitter sh*t no more ... too many trolls ... I’ll be back when I feel like it," she tweeted last night. 

Let's just say, fans are disgusted.

And rightfully so. The "annoying tweets" argument is proving to be played out. "Y'all stay bullying BW online. I also won't be surprised while Lizzo isn't on Twitter anymore for a while, that y'all still gonna be bullying her on this site just because she's existing, living, and successful. that is also why yalls claim of she's tweets annoying don't mean sh*t," an angry fan said.

What makes it even worse is that the replies provoke the bullying. 

Even after Lizzo shaded the trolls, the fat jokes and cruelty continued. "This genuinely makes me so sad scrolling through the reply section," someone tweeted. "All Lizzo has ever done for me and many others is uplift people, and y'all really think its funny to fat-shame. i know so many amazing people who are overweight, and to scroll through and see all of this truly."

It's really not a surprise when fat black women are bullied at this point. 

To be proud, black, and fat are three things that social media has proven to be intimidated by. "Makes me so sad to see majority twitter in the comments f**king with her," a Lizzo fan wrote. "If lizzo was skinny and white she would not be receiving this hate, kinda obvious when ppl are blatantly fat shaming. it’s literally not funny at all ...."

Come back, queen. 

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We need your energy on Twitter, Lizzo. We hope you'll come back and block the haterz! In the meantime, everyone, be kind.