At the American Music Awards, Lizzo jumped aboard the tiny bag train. The unlikeliest 2019 fashion trend has reached its biggest moment — nay, its teensiest moment — when she carried this custom Valentino satchel on the red carpet. In a world where big handbags are needed to carry our phone, this bag is a keychain. It's actually too small to fit a single key. But don't blink, because this bag can hold a variety of things! Let's investigate the possible inner contents.

Actually, here's a key that can fit in Lizzo's tiny bag: $38, Catbird

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Lizzo may not be able to open the door to her house with this key, but it's adorable nonetheless. Catbird's charm collection is beyond precious, with teeny strawberries, mushrooms, and bagels (my personal fave). Each charm comes in sterling silver or solid gold.

This doll-sized tarot card deck, $5.75, Etsy

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For when you need to divine your future on the fly, this tiny Rider-Waite tarot card deck will give you the answers you seek from the magical realm. Still, there's no way Lizzo could fit the entire 78 tarot cards into her bag, so this deck only contains the 22 Major Arcana cards.

A single dog treat, $5.99, Chewy

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This is my dog, Bluebell. She loves sleeping, giving kisses, and snacking on her favorite salmon treats. I give her the salmon-flavored Zuke's Mini Natural Treats because she weighs only 11 pounds and doesn't need many. Lizzo's bag can fit one, maybe two of these treats.

Yes, this was an excuse to post a photo of my dog. Isn't she precious??? 

A Beautyblender, $18 for a pack of two, Beautyblender

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Yes, Beautyblender makes this tiny blender that is smaller than a hummingbird egg. Use it for reaching the corners of your eyes, ultra-fine contouring, or when you just want to squish something small in your hand.

A rare Sacagawea $1 coin, $1,800, at Etsy

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Who knew that $1 coins were so valuable? This Sacagawea coin, minted in the year 2000, goes for almost $2,000, and now I bet you're wishing you hadn't spent them on candy bars back in the day. Lizzo could not fit any cash in her bag, but this coin would fit like a glove. Despite its astronomical cost, it's still only worth $1 on the market, which won't even get you a ride on the New York City subway.

In case you're wondering what Lizzo actually had in that bag...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Lizzo has had an amazing 2019 and she is letting no one come for her or her tiny bag.