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Whether you're a fan of Logan Paul or not, you can definitely concede that he's a polarizing figure. From tasing an animal for clicks to that terrible video of a suicide victim, he's arguably one of the most problematic YouTubers out there.

Now, one plus-size model is speaking out against Paul over a terrible experience she had working with the YouTube sensation. Sadly, her story is both jarring and yet not surprising at all.

The video in question was "No Handlebars," which was released in November 2017.

Let me spare you from having to listen to this utter trash yourself: The chorus of the song is literally "I can ride your girl with no handlebars."

Some other excerpts of lyrical genius? 

"Got that Tesla ass/Airbags 'cause I'm 'bout to smash/She comin' in on my mustache/No handlebars in it from the back."


Eliza Johnson recently recalled her time working with Paul for the trash video.

Johnson shared her story with Psychology Today, revealing that she hadn't even heard of Paul until hours before the shoot.

"I had to YouTube him really quickly, and I just understood that he did satire," she said. "We got on set and he came up and said, 'Have you heard of a human bicycle?' We didn’t know the song, we didn’t know anything."

She revealed she was the only plus-size model on set for the shoot.

"I believe there were eight or nine principal models, and I was the only one who was plus-size," she said. "I’m the base of the bike. He was riding on top of my back the whole video. We’re on a little trolley that they rigged up to a truck pulling us, and we did that five or six times, and we went about 200 meters each time."

"I was standing there trying to keep my balance with Logan on my back jumping all over, and holding only another model as we’re being pulled by this car," she continued. "So many times my legs almost gave out."

While she described her first impression of Paul as "cordial," she described the shoot as uncomfortable.

"I definitely became uncomfortable when he wanted to just get on my back like that, because it’s rare that you’re on set and they just throw something at you," she said. "Con artists do things like that. I reached my breaking point after the sixth take and my legs were giving out."

"I felt kind of abused."

"Of course, I felt ashamed, and when something like this happens and we kind of become victimized, we don’t really realize it, we want to just block it out, or say maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s not happening," she said. "It’s a very confusing type of thing to experience."

When asked why they picked the only non-straight size model to function as the base of the "bike," Johnson revealed she thought it was to make a mockery of her.

She also stated she was paid less than the other models on set.

"I think my rate was 200 or 400, and another model mentioned she was getting paid 600 or something like that," she said. "The other models said it was the same as hers."

When she brought it up to production, they justified the higher rate for the other models by claiming that they're vloggers.

While Johnson revealed she was "thankful" she was more covered-up than the other girls, she believes it could be because of her body.

Eliza Johnson Logan Paul
photo: Getty/Arun Nevader

"They kind of had me fully clothed, but that says another thing about the whole plus-size model idea, at least in my brain," she said.

"They kind of teach us to be quiet about things," she continued. "This has definitely helped me open up more and become a lot stronger and see things in those terms. Now I’m able to say, 'Okay, this is probably why I didn’t really voice many opinions', and now I have no problem doing it. I’m starting to do it more online, and in conversations with family and friends, or just anybody on set or younger people."

Johnson advised Paul to re-examine what he's sharing with his fans.

"I would say that I would just like for [Paul] to start thinking for himself, if that’s possible," she said. "Because I don’t know him enough to say that he’s a bad person or that it was his idea or anything like that, but I would say he needs to take a look at what he’s representing and what his demographic is and what he’s feeding to all of these people."

Paul has yet to comment on Johnson's story, but we wouldn't be surprised if he stays quiet about the video.

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