If you haven't been around the internet in the past few days, I have some truly gut-wrenching news for you. Yesterday morning, just days after suffering what doctors called a "massive stroke," Luke Perry died at the young age of 52. The actor was rushed to the hospital from his Sherman Oaks, California, home on Wednesday, and was shortly thereafter sedated in the hopes he'd survive the damage the stroke had caused.

Most knew and loved Perry for his iconic heartthrob character Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210, which propelled him to fame. But us younger folk and hardcore stans of the hit CW TV show Riverdale either discovered or preferred Perry in the role of Fred Andrews, father to the show's protagonist, Archie Andrews.

As a fictional father, Andrews is pretty much the best of the best, and he had Perry's unabashed coolness, pure wisdom, and acting chops to thank for that. Without Perry, the show simply won't be the same — clearly the creators of the show agree, seeing as they've shut down production until further notice. 

While the fate of Fred Andrews as a character morbidly hangs in the air, at the very least we can take a moment out of our days to remember Perry's best performances and pay tribute in whatever ways we can. Below, watch a recap of all of Perry's best moments as father figure Fred Andrews on Riverdale. Grab the tissues while you're at it.