With multiple awards under her belt and an unparalleled work ethic, Lupita Nyong'o epitomizes the power of women in Hollywood. So now that her father is being sworn in as the Governor of Kisumu County in Kenya, it is awesome to see Lupita shout out the many ways he has helped shape her into the woman she is today.

While she couldn't make it to his inauguration ceremony — we're hoping it's because she was filming that movie with Rihanna — the actress took to Facebook to honor her father's big win with her list of "Things My Daddy Told Me When I Was A Kid That Gave Me Confidence."

The first lesson is essential. He told her "You are smart... It will be OK... You can do anything... Do whatever you want to do... and knowledge is power."

Young girls especially need to be told that they are smart and can achieve anything they set their minds to. Lupita's success is a testament to her believing in her intelligence, setting her goals high, and her determination.

In fact, she explained that her father was her first example of what "feminism looks like on a man." "Daddy never EVER made me feel limited by my gender," she wrote.

"He supported me when I did things that my society thought un-ladylike, like whistling, dressing like Kriss Kross, and even climbing trees in my adulthood. He was my first example of what feminism looks like on a man."

Lupita also shares that her father told her that it is okay to not know something, if you are willing to learn.

"My Daddy loves to learn from his children. He is not afraid to admit what he does not know, and admitting I am ignorant of things has saved me from a lot of unnecessary embarassment. Not knowing isn't a crime. Refusing to learn is."

She says he taught her the importance of empathy — truly trying to see things from another's perspective.

"Consider the other side: there [are] always two sides to a coin," he told her. "Being able to identify the other side of an argument makes yours stronger. It also makes you more empathetic."
This is in line with his being a politician, and also explains Lupita's ability to take on so many different roles.

She also shares the endearing way that her dad keeps her humble — even though we all think Lupita is perfect.

Every time she does a good job on something he tells her, "very good A minus," so that she is proud of her achievement, but remains humble.

That's such a dad thing to do!

His next lesson was perhaps the most important: To ALWAYS stand up for what you believe in.

"Good people need to do more to bring balance, because the bad people sure are busy these days!" Lupita writes. Isn't that the truth!

You can read her full, emotional post right here — and check out some throwback photos of Lupita and her dad.

We're not crying because this is so cute — YOU'RE crying.