Maisie Williams new hair
photo: Getty Images

The moment filming wrapped for the final Game of Thrones season, Maisie Williams began experimenting with new hair colors and cuts.

Her standard brunette bob that fit the Arya character is out, and this fresh style is in. The young actor is switching career goals and recently launched an app and is running her own business. Stepping away from the spotlight doesn't mean she's going to blend in — this latest hair change proves that. 

The new look debuts a new era in the 22-year-old's life, and she honestly looks the most confident and happy. 

Her new blonde 'do is the latest hair change post-GOT.

Now that she has started her own brand in the creative field, the young actor has gotten experimental with her hairstyles. Arya's customary brunette bob was necessary during filming the past 10 years, so when the series wrapped, she took the opportunity to switch it up. This most recent hair debut was first seen in an editorial campaign with Parisian streetwear brand M+RC Noir

The brand recently debuted its upcoming line with Williams as the face of the line. 

The artistic director of the shoot, Don Damiao, posted a few behind-the-scenes looks. Williams' hair is a gritty style with dark roots and a light strawberry-blonde color. The clothes are oversize and black with an edgy vibe. The young star posed in a parking lot and in front of a contrastingly white wall. 

She also posed in T-shirts, baggy sweatshirts, and an iridescent fanny pack. 

The brand's style is in line with classic streetwear. The green zebra-print long-sleeve crew neck is oversize and casual, and paired with the offbeat fanny pack, it makes for a quintessential "cool girl" look. She also casually strolls through a front yard in an all-black ensemble that juxtaposes her unexpected blonde mane. 

Some of the products are already available online, but the entire line is expected soon. 

The brand is releasing its first women's collection. While most of the products are sold out, there are still a few pieces available online. The fanny packs, which would make for a perfect festival fashion statement, are sadly sold out.

The blonde look isn't Williams' first major hair change. She stepped out at the Game of Thrones series premiere with lavender locks. 

Posing in a Miu Miu black embellished gown at the season eight premiere, Williams stunned in a purple ponytail with blunt bangs. 

She posted a series of photos from the event with the caption, "will remember last night for the rest of my life. i am beaming." She later added a comedic remark about the position of one of her fingers in a photo, "*update* shoutout to my pinkie in the third pic." 

Before the premiere, though, she had an entirely different color — a pink bob. 

At Paris Fashion Week, Williams wore Coach and looked confident with her baby-pink mop. She debuted the look at the end of 2018, after the filming of the fantasy series had been completed. On her Rolling Stone cover with her on-screen sister Sophie Turner, she also had pink hair. She also returned to pink at the Belfast premiere of Game of Thrones and doubled up on the hue with a blush Coach dress.  

After the final episode aired on Sunday, Williams requested all of the GOT memes. 

The young star tweeted to her 2.8 million followers that she was, "just here for the memes." She received thousands of replies with some hilarious memes in response. Williams recently opened up about the detrimental effect social media has had on her mental health, but these clever memes are an exception. 

She liked this equally bizarre and hilarious edit that transformed her into Lord Varys.

In one reply, someone wrote "Varya," a blend of Varys and Arya, in a bizarre photo of the actor with a bald head. Swarms of tweets about the final season have been fans' negative reactions, so moments of hilarity seemed to brighten the actor's spirits. Williams clearly found that response amusing and gave it a like.

She also liked this behind-the-scenes picture of costar Kit Harrington applying her makeup. 

One fan account shared a behind-the-scenes shot captioned, "kit coming for jeffree stars job now that he doesn’t have one." In what was likely one of their final scenes together, Williams' costar used a brush to apply makeup to her face, as Turner and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) laughed at them. 

Williams has always been here for the Thrones memes. Earlier this season she responded to one throwback picture of the Stark siblings. 

After episode three aired, and fans everywhere cheered Arya Stark's name for killing the Night King, Williams shared this throwback shot of Wright and her goofing off on set. "The night king's worst nightmare," the original tweet reads. Williams responded "loooool"; in hindsight, it's even funnier how true this tweet really is.