Maisie Williams clap back
photo: Jun Sato/Getty Images

This weekend, "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams attended a charity ball for NSPCC, a UK-based organization working to stop child abuse and rehabilitate children who suffer from mental illnesses as a result of being abused. 

... Only you wouldn't know that from the way the Daily Mail covered the event, as this is the headline they went with:

"Braless" and "quirky." Yeeeesh.

Luckily A Girl was not about to take that lying down, and called the publication out on her Twitter account Monday morning (June 6) for focusing on her outfit rather than the good that NSPCC does for children in the UK.

Complete with a Kermit sipping emoji-tea, of course.

Even Cersei Lannister backed her up.

Because striking out against sexist headlines brings all the Houses of Westeros together.

At least there's no hard feelings from the charity, either.

If Maisie Williams ever needs a new job (and let's hope she doesn't), maybe de-objectifying news headlines is her new calling. We'd totally be here for that!

Feel free to start with this one, Maisie.