By now you've probably heard about — and maybe even participated in — the "10-year challenge" that has taken the internet by storm. 

Basically, you post back-to-back images of yourself that were taken 10 years apart. Needless to say, it's either a great way to lament about how badly time has treated you or the perfect #humblebrag to show off your agelessness. 

For Mariah Carey, it was the latter. The superstar took to Twitter to submit her official entry into the challenge, and the general consensus was that — in true Mariah Carey fashion — she totally won the whole damn thing. 

Another day, another viral challenge.

The first big meme of 2019 has arrived. It's called the "10-year challenge," and the point is to demonstrate how much you've changed (or not) in the past decade.

Everyone is participating. 

Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Gabrielle Union, Tyra Banks, and Anne Hathaway all jumped in on the time-traveling fun. And, for what it's worth, none of the above appear to have aged a single day.


What kind of sorcery is this? Union literally looks the exact same over the course of 20 years.

Still serving lewks.

And, unsurprisingly, Banks continues to give us fierceness for days. Look at that smize!

The real MVP. 

But leave it to Carey to take the 10-year challenge crown. Her photos prove that time is nothing more than a construct of the imagination that we are not tethered to.

A truly timeless queen.

"I don't get this 10 year challenge, time is not something I acknowledge," Carey wrote on Instagram, before noting that the pictures were "taken at some point prior to today."

A new life motto.

I no longer believe in time. "Days" and "weeks" may or may not exist. Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything.

Carey's wisdom is the gift that keeps on giving.

A whole mood. Who needs to pay bills when time isn't even ~real~?

Dear exes, please stay away.

It's not gonna happen. Keep it moving, you bums.

Birthdays should be interesting.

This will now be my go-to response anytime I'm asked about my age. Mind your business, people!

Deadlines have been rendered meaningless.

If I don't acknowledge time, then I can never be late for anything. That's how it works...right?

More than fun and games.

Sure, Carey was "joking," but, I mean, was she really?! Does she lead a double-life as a philosophy professor that we don't know about?

Survey says...

Agreed on all counts. Carey proves, yet again, that she wins at life.

A legend among mere mortals. 

We can't wait for the 50-year challenge. Without a doubt, Carey is going to look just as ageless as ever.