You probably know Mayim Bialik from her role as Amy on the "Big Bang Theory."

What you may not know is this real-life neuroscientist is a badass feminist who brings attention to social wrongs through her YouTube channel.

This week her subject is the impact of language on women.

In an articulate "rant," Bialik deep dives into why it's off-color to refer to women over the age of 18 as "girls."

The TL;DR version:

It infantilizes them especially in juxtaposition to their male counterparts. While she admits that anyone who does call women "girls" has no ill intent, it still demeans them. 

"It assumes a structure of power where men are on the top and women are at the bottom," she warns. 

She also noted that no one would refer to men as boys in a similar context.

"You would never say to someone, 'Go ask that boy behind the bank counter if the notary is here.'"

It's an incredibly simple and poignant argument to make. 

After posting the video to Facebook, Bialik did receive some backlash — but she didn't hesitate to shut them up, too.

In short, the words we use matter, and it certainly wouldn't hurt anyone if we all think before we speak.

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photo: YouTube/MayimBalik