Meghan Markle's engagement to a member of the royal family was generally greeted with joy from both America and the UK. However, since we can't have nice things, Twitter has been littered with people already shaming the soon-to-be duchess over her weight.

People are already claiming Markle is pregnant.

Meghan Markle body-shamed
photo: Splash

They did the same thing with Kate Middleton, too. 

She apparently "looked pregnant" at the engagement announcement... while wearing a white coat.

... How?! Where?! @Rabana45, have you ever even SEEN a pregnant person?

Twitter is suggesting that the reason Markle and Prince Harry got engaged at all is because the actress and humanitarian is pregnant.

Yet she never confirmed a pregnancy or even hinted at one, so...?

BRB, banging my head on my desk.

Just because Markle chose to wear a trench coat does NOT imply that she's hiding a baby bump under there. 

Accusing a woman of being pregnant is still body shaming, BTW.

It's a woman's right to announce her own pregnancy — if she even chooses to do so. Until she does that, hunting for a baby bump is taking away that right and attacking her for how her body looks.

Leave Markle alone. No one deserves to be body shamed. Let her enjoy her engagement, y'all.