Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle is quickly proving she has no intentions to sacrifice her personal style now that she's about to become a royal. The Duchess-to-be has been wearing ripped jeans, stunning white tailored overcoats, and messy buns — but also subsequently getting shamed for them.

After wearing a dress that showed off her shoulders to a royal event, Markle's outfit was the target of scrutiny and shade.

Markle wore a strappy dress with an overcoat to the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London.

Meghan Markle shoulders
photo: Splash

The dress was Altuzarra and retails for approximately the entirety of my rent, if you were wondering.

Once she got inside, she took off her jacket, and that's when the shaming started.

OK, but she looks cute and I need to know what moisturizer she uses because she is GLOWING.

Apparently, her look was "inappropriate" to some.

What about shoulders — SHOULDERS — is inappropriate?

Also, FYI, it was 25 degrees Celcius in London that day, which is roughly 77 degrees Fahrenheit. THAT'S SHOULDER-BARING WEATHER.

Apparently, she's flaunting her "commoner" status.

Did we just go back in time to the 1800s, or... ?

On the plus side, these insults are so delightfully snooty.

We must have very different definitions of naked.

However, Markle's dress garnered plenty of support, too.

Additionally, Kate Middleton has worn plenty of sleeveless dresses with zero commentary.

No one shamed Middleton the way they shame Markle, despite both not being royals at the time of meeting their Princes.

In short, Markle can wear whatever she wants.

And have you SEEN what people wore to Coachella

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