Meghan Markle
photo: Splash News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a historic move by stepping away from the royal family and announced they'd be gaining financial independence.

Now British newspaper The Times discovered that Markle has signed a deal with Disney to do voiceovers. So it seems the former actor is getting back to her roots in the entertainment industry. But the deal benefits the organization Elephants Without Borders, so it's not a money move on the royal couple's part. 

Plus, it seems like thanks to some networking on Prince Harry's part at The Lion King premiere, Markle may have nabbed this position. 

The Times reported that Markle has signed a deal with Disney. 

A week after the shocking news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will depart from the Royal Family, it's been revealed that Markle has signed a deal with Disney to do a voiceover. Markle was an actor in a number of series and films before marrying Prince Harry. Most famously, she played Rachel Zane in Suits from 2011-2018.

Disney and the couple definitely had a prior relationship to their shocking departure. Deadline reports that the company gifted them a watercolor painting of Winnie the Pooh after the birth of baby Archie. 

The project will benefit Elephants Without Borders, as opposed to Markle accepting a paycheck from Disney. 

It's unclear so far what the project Markle will work on it, but any compensation she would receive will benefit Elephants Without Borders. Perhaps we have another nature documentary coming to Disney+. Or hopefully, Markle will voice a new animated Disney princess. 

Some internet sleuths uncovered video footage from The Lion King premiere of Prince Harry networking on Markle's behalf. 

While most people were obsessing over Markle meeting Beyoncé and Jay Z, it was easy to miss Prince Harry schmoozing it up with Disney head Bob Iger. It appears that in the conversation Harry remarks that his wife of a little over a year does voiceovers and that she'd be interested in Disney projects. Then, Iger offers that they'd definitely be interested. 

Meanwhile, new reports have surfaced with rumors about why the duo decided to leave their duties. 

The Times also reports that the couple was bullied by members of the royal family, including Harry's brother, Prince William. Tensions have only risen since their announcement, of which the Queen had no prior knowledge. Markle has been in Canada, their rumored future home, and Harry has been in the UK working out the details of their leaving. 

The two looked at home at The Lion King premiere, and perhaps their next movie premiere will be Markle's. 

There is still little information about the project Markle has signed on to. I'm hoping for a character voiceover, personally, but it could be a nature documentary benefitting the elephant sanctuary. Either way, Markle will be in the limelight.