Meghan Markle has a doppelganger
photo: Splash News

The internet is going crazy over a mom on Instagram who looks just like Meghan Markle

Celebrity doppelgängers pop up often, and every time it's more and more shocking. The latest celeb lookalike is a mom-of-two from Missouri who looks exactly like the Duchess of Sussex. 

The lookalike, Akeisha Land, runs an Instagram account for her adorable young daughter, Greyson. In a post that has received thousands of likes, people were shocked by the resemblance. 

The mom behind Instagram-famous kid Greyson Land caught attention in this photo because of how much she looks like Markle. 

The adorable little girl has 186K followers, but what really caught her followers' eyes was the likeness between her mom, Akeisha Land, and Markle. The post has racked up 30K likes, with many people expressing their shock at the likeness of Markle and Land's appearance. 

One person wrote a sweet comment, "Well you do look like Megan Markle but you have your own style and beauty that is different and you have such a beautiful family, I’m so glad I checked out your account, made me smile."

Take a look at this shot of Markle and her husband, Prince Harry. Land honestly looks so similar to Markle. 

The two women's face shape, eyes, and noses are almost identical. Plus, when you look at their smiles, they are nearly the same too. Land captioned a new photo, "I’m interrupting the current Meghan Markle lookalike madness to bring you some #flashbackfriday cuteness of Bitty because our @chiefs are taking on the @49ers this Sunday in the Super Bowl so you know what we’ll be doing!"

This resemblance is so weird.

The Missouri mom posted a few proud selfies supporting the Kansas City Chiefs on their way to the Super Bowl. But the craziest part of the photos was how much Land looks like Meghan Markle. 

Even though they look so similar, the 39-year-old doesn't see the resemblance. 

"Even my close friends and family say I look like her! And even though I myself don't see the similarities, I definitely take it as a huge compliment as she's just drop-dead gorgeous," she told the Daily Mail. Plus, she joked that "I need to have someone reach out to her people to let them know I'm always up for filling in for her as her doppelgänger if she doesn't want to go to any of the events she's invited to."

Even in this adorable family photo she looks just like the former Duchess. 

At first, the Land family got attention for the adorable kids in the family, specifically two-year-old Greyson. But now it seems like her mom is stealing the spotlight, though not intentionally, obviously.