Apparently when you become a royal, you open up your body to all sorts of scrutiny. From Kate Middleton's fingers getting shamed to the size of her baby bump getting criticized, the Duchess is no stranger to constant mockery about her looks. Sadly, it looks like that's what Meghan Markle has to look forward to now that she's engaged to Prince Harry.

Recently, the bride-to-be has been getting shamed for having legs that are apparently "too thin," according to Twitter.

Markle's legs were criticized because they were both "too skinny" and "not strong enough."

Meghan Markle's legs get body-shamed
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Markle was photographed outside Westminster Abbey with Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess on Commonwealth Day. Her bare legs were apparently the cause of much hullabaloo.

Because Twitter trolls have nothing better to do, they decided to critique the shape of Markle's legs.

"Do NOT let Meghan Markle wear dress or skirt again, below her knees, her legs are so uglily skinny and shapeless," one troll wrote. 

Literally NO ONE asked for this opinion.

Not only were Markle's legs deemed "too thin," they were also "too wobbly."

Find me one person who can walk on cobblestones in high heels without wobbling. I'll wait.


Do you not have anything better to do, Ruperta?

Interestingly enough, people ALSO shamed her for preferring to wear pants to royal events.

And of course, when she does choose to wear a skirt, Markle is shamed for showing her legs. PICK A SIDE, TWITTER. Or don't, no one asked for your opinion.

Regardless, shaming the former actress is NOT OK.

Whether Markle chooses to wear a skirt, a dress, or pants is of absolutely no concern to anyone except her and her stylist. Shaming her legs (and comparing her legs to Kate Middleton's, who has a baby due next month) is detracting from the conversation we SHOULD be having: one about her charity causes, her stance on female empowerment, and her work with the United Nations

Belittling Markle's worth and just focusing on her legs is regressive and small-minded. Move along, Twitter.

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