This is Meghan Markle, former "Suits" actress and Prince Harry's soon-to-be wife.

Who is Meghan Markle?
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And this is Celeste Creel, a proud Meghan Markle lookalike. 

Celeste Creel is a Meghan Markle lookalike
photo: Instagram/@celeste_creel

Fully aware of her resemblance to the future royal, Creel has added the hashtag #MeghanMarkleLookalike throughout her entire Instagram feed. 

The 32-year-old California native currently works as a model and an actress, but she's considering switching her career to full-time dopplegänger.

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photo: Instagram/@celeste_creel

According to the Sun, Creel is hoping to capitalize on her striking similarities to Markle.

"At a recent photoshoot, the crew were talking and I could hear whispering," Creel told the Sun. "Then someone asked, ‘Was I her?’ They meant Meghan."

She added, "I had to say no.”

Like Markle, Creel is also biracial and grew up in the LA area. 

Does Meghan Markle have a lookalike posing as her?
photo: Instagram/@celeste_creel

“We’re also both in our 30s and biracial," Creel explained. "We’ve had similar experiences of growing up biracial in California. My father ... is white and originally of Irish, English and Scottish heritage. My mother['s] ancestors were both Choctaw Native Americans and from the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

(Markle's mother is Black and her father is white.)

Creel said she has competed against Markle for acting roles in the past.

Meghan Markle lookalike
photo: Instagram/@celeste_creel

“I think she won them, though," Creel cheekily noted.

Despite her similarities to Markle, Creel admits she never actually watched "Suits."

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“I’ve never even watched Suits," she confessed. 

Creel finally watched an episode after a friend insisted she looked like Markle.

photo: Instagram/@celeste_creel

“I tuned in to see her on the show and I can definitely see our similarity," Creel said.

(But if Creel plans to pursue a career as a professional Meghan Markle dopplegänger, she should probably consider a "Suits" binge-watching session in the near future...)