photo: Splash News

Meghan Markle has wrought chaos on Buckingham Palace after separating from the royal family, but she's probably stoked to be out of there. According to an exclusive report in the Daily Mail (so take it with a grain of salt), Markle called the royal fam a "toxic environment," which I can totally understand, given all the strange rules and protocols that the family must follow. It's enough to make anyone want to flee to Canada — even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Here's a few things that Markle is allowed to do, now that she's ghosted on the Queen.

Markle can now wear nail polish.

The Queen reportedly loathes nail polish, so all the royal women are required to wear nothing on their nails. If they choose to wear polish, the only permissible color is Ballet Slippers by Essie by order of Her Majesty. Now that Markle is free, I'm hoping she's getting a lava lamp nail art manicure as I write this.

She can now eat shrimp!

That's right, Markle can now nosh on some delicious shrimp scampi and sautéed garlic scallops. The royals aren't allowed to eat shellfish, because it carries a higher risk of food poisoning than other foods. Same goes for sushi and rare meats.

Archie can wear pants.

It's one of the stranger protocols: Royal boys can't wear pants in public. Seriously. They're only allowed to wear shorts until age 8. Even in the middle of a cold London winter. And if the Daily Mail is to be believed, Markle escaped from Buckingham Palace because she "didn't want Archie picking up on her stress and anxiety" from living in "a toxic environment" — which means that he can wear all the pants he wants.

She can walk normally.

Yes, royal protocol even dictates how Markle can walk down stairs. According to Harper's Bazaar, "royal women are instructed to always stand and walk down stairs with their chins parallel to the ground." What does that even mean?