Mike Johnson and Keke Palmer
photo: Splash News

Mike Johnson, from Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorettehas thrown his shot for another Hollywood A-lister.

The former contestant of the reality dating show reached out to Demi Lovato after the season ended, and went on a few dates. Unfortunately, he may have opened up too much about his relationship life by revealing that Demi "kisses really well" on a podcast with fellow former contestants. Since then, it seems the two have called it quits. 

On an episode of Strahan, Sara & Keke for Good Morning America, Keke Palmer interviewed the reality star, and Johnson asked her out on a date. Palmer, who loves a good meme, turned the awkward moment into a hilarious internet trend.

Palmer asked Johnson about his public relationships in the past, and he turned it around on her and asked her out. 

Palmer questioned Johnson about his "slip of the tongue" when he accidentally revealed too much about his meant-to-be-private relationship with Demi Lovato. Then, he used that moment to ask Palmer out on a date. The talk show host and actor posted the moment to her Instagram and captioned it, "Even at the workplace #imtakenbymyjob."

"I made a mistake. I don't like dating in public — but if I were to ask you on a date … in public …," Johnson started, and Palmer panicked and tried to get her cohost Michael Strahan to ask the next question. "How would that make you feel?" Johnson continued. 

But it's definitely not happening, Palmer revealed the next day. 

Palmer tries not to date entertainers and shared that the moment felt like a gag. The next episode, the host was honest and upfront but turned him down. Watch the entire episode on YouTube to get the entire perspective. 

The moment quickly made its way to Twitter and into some more hilarious memes. 

One of the most hysterical Keke Palmer memes yet has been the moment pulled from her Vanity Fair Lie Detector Test interview. Now it's being recycled with this moment. "Keke Palmer's face said, 'I’m sorry to this man,'" one person wrote on Twitter and Palmer retweeted.  

Even though the internet is laughing off the awkward moment, some felt it wasn't cool of Johnson to ask so publicly. 

The entire exchange made Palmer visibly uncomfortable, and she was just trying to get her job done. "Ladies, I'm at work. I'm at work, guys," Palmer said shortly after he asked her out. One person replied to a tweet, "Ok, but seriously, why is he asking her like that where she can’t politely say no? I am so here for her saying 'I’m at work, people.'"

Of course, Palmer loves memes, so she's taking advantage of this moment. 

Palmer pulled the perfect expression that summed up so many people's feelings. The actor created her own hilarious meme that's been trending on Twitter. "Him: I love you … Me: …," she tweeted along with a clip of her stunned expression.