Let's get one thing straight right the heck now: Women (and people of all other gender identities) do not deserve to be touched without permission ever. Period. End of story.

One of Miley Cyrus' fans (if we can even call him that) certainly did not get that message. During a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain, the singer was walking through a massive swarm of paparazzi, admirers, and onlookers when she was rapidly grabbed, groped, and forcefully kissed by an unidentified man who was quickly pushed away. Her husband, Liam Hemsworth, was present, as was her entire team of security — the nonconsensual kiss happened so fast that not even they could have prevented it, nor could Cyrus.

Other fans trying to get a glimpse of Cyrus on their phones accidentally captured the entire event on camera, and it's an extremely scary thing to watch, especially for women who've witnessed or experienced similar unwanted attention from men. And what sucks even worse is that most of the time, attacks like these cannot be prevented or stopped, much like this one.

Nevertheless, old-fashioned people on the internet continue to suggest that a woman's appearance, how she acts, who she sleeps with, and what she wears can attract these unwanted advances and are therefore deserved or shouldn't be complained about. Anyone with their head on straight will tell you that's just not true — and Cyrus is one of those people. She took to Instagram this week to shut down all the sexist comments she received after experiencing sexual harassment.